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October 2012

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CAS-CSIRO Strategy Symposium & Joint Steering Committee Meeting

Co-chaired by CAS Vice President Prof. Zhang Yaping and former CSIRO Deputy CEO Dr. Alastair Robertson, the 3rd Annual CAS-CSIRO Joint Steering Committee Meeting (JSCM), which was featured by a Strategy Symposium session, was held on Aug. 13-14, in Beijing. Prof. Bai Chunli, President of CAS, Dr. Megan Clark, CEO of CSIRO and H.E. Mme Frances Adamson, Australian Ambassador to China, addressed the Symposium. Prof. Bai reaffirmed that the partnership between CAS and CSIRO was built on mutual understanding, trust and respect. It was mature, constructive and strategic, focusing on the addressing of common national challenges. Dr. Clark echoed that cooperation with CAS was right at the core of CSIRO¡¯s strategy and agreed to renew the partnership for another 3 years. The JSCM discussed a number of topics and agreed to jointly fund 2 high priority and high quality projects as well as 5 mini workshops in the 2012-2013 fiscal year. A joint communique was signed.

The 28th IAU General Assembly Welcomes a Large Chinese Audience

The 28th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) was held in Beijing on Aug. 20-31, 2012. The General Assembly was hosted by Chinese Astronomical Society and organized by National Astronomical Observatories of CAS. Chinese Vice President Mr. Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Vice President Xi pointed out, as one of the ancient civilizations in the world, China has made great contributions to the development of astronomy. Since the founding of the People¡¯s Republic of China, particularly since its reform and opening up, Chinese Academy of Sciences has established the systematic operating mechanism of modern astronomical observatories. Vice President Xi mentioned in his speech, the convening of the 28th IAU General Assembly in China will certainly enhance the friendship between Chinese astronomers and astronomers from other countries, promote the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and international astronomy communities, and exert positive influence on the development of astronomy and other relevant sciences in China. IAU President Dr. Robert Williams also delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, in which he extended his congratulations to the successful convening of the assembly and expressed his appreciations to the Chinese side for the positive efforts they have made to host this assembly. Prof. Bai Chunli, the President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Mr. Chen Xi, Executive Vice President of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) attended the opening ceremony. IAU General Assembly takes place every three years. The IAU is composed of 70 national members and 10077 individual members. During the Assembly, More than 2000 attendees from 88 countries and regions conducted exchanges and explorations on a series of import issues in astronomical field.


On Aug. 24, Prof. Ding Zhongli, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Dr. Jos¨¦ Miguel Aguilera, President of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) of the Republic of Chile signed an MOU on cooperation in science and technology. According to the MOU, the two parties would promote the development of joint activities in but not limit to the fields of astronomy and astrophysics. For the period 2012-2014, the two parties would facilitate the collaboration between Centers of Excellence and other high-level research groups, co-fund joint research projects, support the creation of International Associate Laboratory and evaluate any other possible form of cooperation that might arise. The 2nd Sino-Chile Workshop on Astronomical Cooperation was held after the signing ceremony, with the participation of astronomical scientists from both countries.

CAS and AAL Agree to Cooperate on Antarctic Astronomy

On Aug. 25th, 2012, CAS and Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL) reached consensus on cooperation in the area of Antarctic astronomy. CAS Vice President Prof. Zhan Wenlong had a productive meeting with Dr. Brian Schmidt, AAL non-executive director and 2011 Nobel laureate in physics. Dr. Liu Minghua, Director General, CAS Bureau of Basic Sciences and Dr. Schmidt jointly signed an MOU on behalf of CAS and AAL respectively. According to the MOU, CAS and AAL will use the Chinese Kunlun Observatory and the Australian astronomical facilities for astronomical research in the next 4 years.

The Sino-Danish Center Opens for Business

An inauguration ceremony of the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC) was held in Beijing on Sep. 10th, 2012. His Excellency Mr. Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Danish Prime Minister, and Prof. Bai Chunli, President of CAS, spoke at the ceremony. Mr. Thorning-Schmidt said China and Denmark had enjoyed solid ties since they established diplomatic relations 62 years ago, and the Sino-Danish Center could provide a new way for those ties and accelerating bilateral cooperation. SDC is based on a joint education and research project among the eight Danish universities, the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) and CAS. Its overall aim is to promote and strengthen collaboration between Danish and Chinese research and learning institutions for the benefit of both countries. 56 Chinese and 49 European students, mainly from Denmark, are participating in the center's first master's degree program. They will study together in China for at least two years, and all classes will be taught in English. On the same day, Prof. Bai met with Mr. Uffe Toudal Pedersen, visiting Permanent Secretary of Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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