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Lu Yongxiang Highly Commented S&T Cooperation with Japanese Scientists

As PRC and CAS are celebrating their 60th anniversary, a Japanese S&T Friendship Delegation comprised of old, middle-aged and young scientists visited CAS from Aug. 17 to 21 upon the invitation of CAS. On Aug. 20, Lu Yongxiang, President of CAS met with the delegation at the Great Hall of the People. Lu Yongxiang, along with the new and old friends from the academic communities of two countries, reviewed the history of S&T exchanges and friendship, which has experienced a course of twists and turns and is developing vigorously now and looked forward to the future prospect in the new century. Lu Yongxiang, on behalf of CAS, highly appraised Japanese friends who have made contributions to the academic exchange and the cause of friendship between China and Japan.

Bai Chunli Granted New Honorary Title

On Sep. 6, Bai Chunli, Executive Vice-President of CAS, met with Michael Keniger, the visiting Executive Vice President of the University of Queensland and his entourage. He accepted pleasantly the certificate of honorary professor granted by the University of Queensland and signed the Memorandum of Understanding between CAS and the University of Queensland on academic cooperation.

Jiang Mianheng Unveiled Electric Automobile Center

On Aug. 8, Jiang Mianheng, Vice President of CAS, attended the opening ceremony for the Electric Automobile Research & Development Center, CAS and unveiled the nameplate of the Center. Fan Jianping, Director of the Electric Automobile Research & Development Center, CAS, said ¡°the Electric Automobile Research & Development Center will scientifically integrate the technical and resources superiority of CAS and relevant entities in energy, electrics, control, material and other fields, actively promote the development of cross-disciplines and build a world-class electric automobile R&D base, so as to promote the development of new energy automobile industry of China.¡± He added, ¡°the Center will actively recruit technical personnel at home and abroad and promote mutual traction and synergized development of scientific research and industrial development.¡± Relevant entities of CAS have rich technological accumulations in lithium ion battery, electric drive system, new power platform and assembly control, vehicle integration, automobile electrics and new automobile materials. The Electric Automobile Research & Development Center, CAS has successfully developed sample family type electric cars of the first and second generations, which can run 150km after being charged at a speed up to 150km per hour.

Li Jiayang Visits Brazil, Costa Rica and Cuba

Li Jianyang, Vice President of CAS, and his entourage visited Brazil, Costa Rica and Cuba from Sep. 14 to 21. They made field survey on the development of Brazil in biological energy and agricultural sustainable development, the efforts of Costa Rica paid in biodiversity protection and sustainable utilization of biological resources and the achievements of Cuba made in biological pharmacy and biological agriculture and its national S&T development strategy. They paid visits to relevant universities, research institutes and laboratories and discussed with the principals of related institutions and leaders of governmental departments about strengthening cooperation in the fields of mutual interests and with complementary advantages. In Brazil, Li Jiayang met with Ronaldo Mona, Vice Minister of Science and Technology of Brazil. In Costa Rica, Li Jiayang signed the Memorandum of Understanding between CAS and the University of Costa Rica on Research and Academic Cooperation with the University of Costa Rica and witnessed the signing of the agreement on joint training of graduates between the Graduate University of CAS and the University of Costa Rica and the Memorandum of Understanding between CAS and the National Institute of Biodiversity of Costa Rica on S&T Cooperation. In Cuba, Li Jiayang met with Fidel Castro D¨ªaz-Balart, Science Advisor of the Chairman of the State Council of Cuba and held talks with Minister Jos¨¦ Miyar Barrueco and Vice Minister Am¨¦rica Santos Riveras of Science, Technology and Environment.

Li Jinghai Present at Signing Ceremony for Cooperation on Digital Resources

On Sep. 3, the National Science Library, CAS and Springer Science+Business Media Group formally signed an agreement on long-term preservation of digital resources, which is the first agreement on long-term preservation of digital resources between CAS and a foreign publishing agency and the first formal agreement on long-term preservation of database of current publications of Springer between Springer and a national library outside Germany and Netherlands. Li Jinghai, Member and Vice President of CAS and Curator of National Science Library and Mr. Derk Haank, CEO of Springer Science+Business Media Group, signed the agreement on behalf of respective parties. The National Science Library will become the preservation agency for long-term preservation of Springer data within the territory of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). In addition, the National Science Library, back-up preserver and successive preserver will take necessary management measures to prevent the data preserved from being transferred illegally.

Zhan Wenlong Meets Patrick Gallagher

On Aug. 25 morning, Zhan Hejun, Vice President of CAS, met with Patrick Gallagher, Acting Director of U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Both parties reviewed the cooperation between two sides since the signing of inter-agency letter of agreement in 2005 and expressed the wishes to actively expand cooperation.

Yin Hejun Visits Japan

From Aug. 2 to 7, Yin Hejun, Vice President of CAS and his entourage paid a visit to Japan. The delegation visited the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and its Nobeyama Solar Observatory in Nagano Prefecture, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and its Sagamihara Observation Station and Tsukuba Space Center, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), NTT Corporation and other national scientific research institutes and some enterprises in Japan. During his visit to Tokyo, Yin Hejun met with Keiji Tachikawa and Yukihide Hayashi, President and Vice President of JAXA, respectively. Both parties highly commended the rich results achieved by the sustainable Sino-Japan cooperation in the field of astronomy in the past three decades and exchanged opinions on the possibility of cooperation in astronomy and other fields. Yin Hejun and Hideo Miyahara, President of NICT, also renewed the Memorandum on Cooperation and Exchanges between CAS and NICT on behalf of the respective parties.

ISDE6 Held

On Sep. 9, the 6th International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE6) was inaugurated in Beijing. Liu Yandong, the State Councilor, wrote a letter specifically for the meeting. Lu Yongxiang, President of CAS and President of ISDE, attended and addressed the meeting. Xu Guanhua, former Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology and astronaut Yang Liwei attended and delivered plenary lectures at the meeting. Over 1,000 scholars, entrepreneurs and management experts in the field of digital earth from more than 40 countries attended the meeting. On the opening ceremony, the Digital Earth S&T Contribution Prize, Digital Earth Enterprise Contribution Prize, Digital Earth Promotion Prize and Digital Earth International Meeting Organization Prize were awarded to some experts.

ChinaNANO 2009 Held

The China International Nono Science and Technology Meeting 2009 was held on Sep. 1. Bai Chunli, Executive Vice President of CAS and Deputy Director of National Nano Science and Technology Steering and Coordination Committee, chaired the meeting. This meeting was aimed to promote the exploration of and exchange on frontier nano S&T issues in the world and further improve the overall research level and home-grown innovation capacity of China in nano S&T. On the meeting, extensive and in-depth academic exchanges were carried out with respect to nano information material, nano energy and environmental material, nano device and sensor, nano medicine and biomedical engineering, nano processing and nanometrology, nano-structure characterization, nano optics and surface plasmon resonance, nano-structure modeling and simulation. The meeting received over 1,300 abstracts of thesis. Some 1,500 representatives, including nearly 500 overseas scholars from nearly 40 countries and regions attended the meeting, such as the United States, Russia, Japan, UK, Italy, Poland, India, Korea, Malaysia, Iran, Brazil, Thailand and China.

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