August, 2003

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Headline News

Vice President Chunli BAI was Elected Vice Chairman of Asia-Pacific Material Association

During the Meeting of Asia-Pacific Material Association held in Novosbirsk clays ago, Prof. Chunli BAI, Vice President of CAS, was elected Vice Chairman of the Association.

Asia-Pacific Material Association, which was founded in 1992, is a non-profitable academic organization. Its headquarter is located in Novosbirsk, Russia, with the purpose of promoting research and development of new materials. The current Chairman is Prof. Kuznetxov, an academician from Russian Academy of Sciences. Prof. Chunli BAI is the pioneer in the field of scanning tunnel microscopy science in China. His election proves that both Bai's academic achievements and China's rapid scientific development have been recognized by academic circle.

Duzheng YE from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics Won the Highest Prize of WMO

The 55th Session of WMO Executive Council was held from May 26 to 28 in Geneva, the headquarters of WMO.
During the meeting on May 27th, Prof. Duzheng YE, the famous meteorologist, founder of China's atmospheric science and meteorological research and senior academician of CAS, obtained 26 votes in the first round and won the prize of the 48th Session of WMO by over two-thirds of the vote. It is the first time that Chinese meteorologist wins this honor.

Ye's wining of the prize can be attributed to his outstanding contributions in atmospheric research, education, practice and international cooperation. Meanwhile, his wining will further encourage Chinese meteorologists to continue their efforts in this field so as to promote China's atmospheric science and meteorological study to a new height.

Enge WANG Won 2002-2003 Achievement in Asia Award of the Overseas Chinese Physicians Association

On June 23, Professor Cheuk-Yin Ng from California University, Chairman of the Election Committee of the Overseas Chinese Physics Association, announced that Prof. Enge WANG, researcher from the Institute of Physics of CAS, won 2002-2003 Achievements in Asia Award (AAA) of the Overseas Chinese physicians Association in recognition of his important experimental and theoretical contributions made in the research of surface physics, nonequilibrium growth, nanoscience and nanotechnology. In particular, his winning of the award is a credit for his discovery and characterization of nanobells, and for his development of the reaction-limited Aggregation model of predicting pattern formation in submonolayer epitaxy.

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