December, 2003

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TWAS 9th General Conference & 20th Anniversary Celebrations

The opening ceremony for the TWAS (the Third World Academy of Sciences) 2003 Beijing meetings (including TWAS 9th General Conference & 20th Anniversary Celebrations, TWAS 14th General Meeting, and TWNSO 8th General Assembly) was held at the Great Hall of the People at 4:00 pm Oct. 16 in Beijing.

Chinese President Jintao Hu was present at the event and delivered a speech. Scientific civilization is created by all nations, it is a result of interaction and communication of the wisdoms and cultures of various nations. As shown by history, exchanges of different cultures will benefit the creativeness of mankind and development of S&T, he noted.

In his speech, President Hu expressed his congratulation on TWAS 20th Anniversary and extended his welcome to the TWAS members and scientists and all participants. HU praised TWAS for its contributions to the science and technology development in the world and conveyed his sincere wish that TWAS should be even more prosperous in the future.

The TWAS 9th General Conference was held in Beijing from Oct. 16-19. Over 500 delegates, including TWAS fellows, representatives from various international organizations and government agencies and science organizations from 77 countries attended the conference.

Summit Meeting on The Strategy for International Cooperation Held in Beijing

Atwo-day summit meeting on the strategy for international cooperation was organized by CAS in Beijing on November 26-27. Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress, President of CAS, Prof. Yongxiang Lu, Director of State Foreign Experts Bureau, Prof. Xueyuan Wan, and Vice President of CAS, Prof. Zhu Chen attended the opening ceremony. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Huadong Guo, Deputy Secretary General of CAS.

Prof. LU gave a speech at the meeting. He noted that as CAS was participating in drafting the National Mid and Long-term S&T Development Strategy, and working on CAS's own development strategy, the strategy for international cooperation is of great importance to CAS. Its significance lies in that it will enhance the reform, innovation and sustainable development of CAS, as well as in upgrading the research ability of CAS and fostering the process of joining in the international S&T community.

Lu summarized the features of the current international cooperation in his speech, 1st, all governments continue their support and emphasis on international cooperation with a clear attention on protection of the national interests; 2nd, mega science projects become the priority of the international cooperation; 3rd, the development of China changes the geo-political layout, and facilitates the possibility of a wider range of international cooperation. Last, international cooperation policy is more specified with a clear vision for partnership, real effect and benefits.

In terms of CAS orientation of international cooperation, Lu noted that the decision of the central government on drafting the National Mid and Long-term S&T Development Strategy is of great importance to CAS future development. International cooperation strategy shall be considered in connection with the Knowledge Innovation Program, CAS's mission and CAS key research work. International cooperation shall aim at upgrading research and innovation ability, based on the principles of "mutual benefit and complementary, results sharing and respect for Intellectual Property Right." The top-down design approach and layout shall be enforced, a 5-10 years plan for international cooperation including priorities and corresponding policies shall be worked out.

Through years of adjustments, CAS will continue to pursue a policy for full-fledged advancement in this aspect, while priorities will be given to cooperative initiatives with European countries, the US, Japan and Russia, with attention to developing and neighboring countries.


2nd Workshop of Chinese Scientists Humanity Forum Held in Beijing

The 2nd Workshop of Chinese Scientists Humanity Forum organized by the Graduate School of CAS was held at the Great Hall of People in Beijing on 25th Nov, 2003. Vice Premier Peiyan Zeng and Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress, President of CAS, Prof. Yongxiang Lu attended the workshop and delivered the keynote speeches titled "Building up Scientific Ideology for Development, Promoting an Overall Development of Economy, Society and Human-beings" and "S&T Innovation and Building of a Modest Well-to-Do Welfare Society" respectively.

Chinese Scientists Humanity Forum was advocated and initialized by Prof. Bijian Zheng and Prof. Yongxiang Lu. The Forum calls well-known scholors and experts to discuss the current key issues on S&T, Economy, Society and Culture. It aims to set a platform for scholars in natural sciences and humanity and encourage the intertwines and interaction between the science and humanity.

Prof. Yongxiang Lu Congratulates on the Successful Launching of Chuangxin-1 Micro Satellite

Prof. Yongxiang Lu, President of CAS sent a letter to Chuangxin-1 Micro Satellite Project group, CAS and congratulated it on the successful launching of the Chuangxin-1 Micro Satellite, which he described as a significant achievement of the Knowledge Innovation Program of CAS.


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