December, 2004

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U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan Meets President Yongxiang Lu

In the evening of Oct 10, Kofi Annan, the U.N. Secretary General, who came to visit China on invitation, met Yongxiang Lu, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and President of CAS in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, where Annan stayed. At the meeting, Annan was deeply impressed by CAS's achievements in promoting the development of science in China and in promoting international cooperation in science and technology. He said that China's development is full of vigor and vitality and that China's achievements and experience are very helpful to the developing countries, particularly the African countries.

Yongxiang Lu said that CAS attaches great importance to participating in various activities organized by international scientific and technological organizations like IAC and TWAS. He pointed out that we are also deeply concerned about how to assist the developing countries, particularly how to help the African countries improve their creativity in science and technology, and that we hope to get support and assistance from the U.N. in these respects. President Yongxiang Lu had in-depth discussion with Annan about the specific areas and ways to help Africa in science and technology.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Celebrates Its 55th Founding Anniversary

On Nov.1 morning, a grand tea party was held in the Great Hall of the People to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Yongxiang Lu, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and President of CAS, extended his sincere gratitude in his address to leaders of all levels and people from different circles for their concern and support to the reform and development of CAS; cherished his memory of those leaders and colleagues who had made great contributions to the development of CAS before they passed away; and showed his sincere respect to all the members of CAS and all the other people who work and study in CAS.

For the past 55 years, CAS has made historical contribution to the state major science and technology programs, such as the "Two Bombs and One Satellite" program and the Manned Space Program, and has made major contribution to the economic development regarding the development of strategic high-tech related to the overall realization of modernization, and regarding the fundamental public creative and important basic research fields on the basis of comprehensive, coordinative and sustainable basis. CAS has strengthened input in technology transfer and knowledge transmission, which has made positive contributions to the promotion of development of scientific and cultural qualities of the whole nation. In the meantime, CAS has cultivated and transmitted large amounts of scientific and technological talents to the society.

Chunli Bai Meets Alain Bugat, Chairman of French Atomic Energy Commission

On Oct. 14, Alain Bugat, Chairman of the French AEC, who came to visit China with the French President Chirac, paid a special call on Chunli Bai, Vice President of CAS.

Vice President Bai gave a brief description of the progress of the National Nano Center jointly formed by CAS, the Beijing University and the Tsinghua University. They agreed that the cooperation in Nano-science and Nano-technology should be included in the framework of the agreement of science and technology between the two institutions in addition to the joint research program on nuclear fusion, which has been already confirmed.

Vice President Chunli Bai Meets President of Irish Royal Academy of Sciences

In the afternoon of Oct. 11, Chunli Bai, Vice President of CAS had a friendly meeting in the headquarters of CAS with Dr. Michael Ryan, President of the Irish Royal Academy of Sciences and Chief Librarian of the Irish Chester Beatty Library, who came for a visit. They exchanged greetings and had a good discussion about how to strengthen cooperation between the two academies.

Yongxiang Lu Held Talks with Xilai Bo Promoting Scientific & Technological Aid for Foreign Countries

In the morning of Nov.16, Yongxiang Lu, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and President of CAS met Commercial Minister Xilai Bo and his entourage in the headquarters of CAS. The two parties exchanged views over scientific and technological aid for foreign countries.

First of all, President Yongxiang Lu extended his welcome to Minister Xilai Bo and his entourage. President Lu expressed that CAS has acquired substantial conditions and thus are able to assist the government to implement some projects in field of foreign aid after 55 years endeavor. Both parties exchanged opinions regarding specific arrangements for the program. The first set of projects was briefed to guests by CAS.

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