August 2009

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Nano-tech Helps Life of Power Equipment

Application of a layer of modified silicon rubber containing nano-particles with special function to the surface of porcelain insulator can efficiently reduce adsorption of dust and water drops and greatly increase anti-pollution flashover voltage and breakdown voltage in the polluted areas. This new nano-coated material co-developed by the Institute of Process Engineering, CAS, National Center for Nano Science and Technology and Institute of Power Station Auxiliary Equipment of China Electric Power Research Institute has passed various strict test and technical appraisals recently and will be put into industrial application soon. This will provide guarantee for the safe operation of the state grid. After more than two years¡¯ efforts, this project has made breakthrough progress in basic formulation, dispersion technology and other key technologies and finally formed packaged technology of 200L pilot process through design of key equipment and process scale-up tests. The samples from pilot process have passed the third party¡¯s independent test by the Power Industry Quality Inspection & Test Center for Electric Power Equipment & Instruments. All 17 test items meet or exceed the requirements of industrial standard DL/T627-2004.


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