August 2009

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Lu Yongxiang Meets Tony Hayward

On Jun. 3, Lu Yongxiang, President of CAS, met with Dr. Tony Hayward, the visiting CEO of BP Group and his entourage. Lu Yongxiang highly commented the contributions made by BP Group to the development of cleaner energy technology. Lu expressed that CAS has conducted substantial cooperation with BP Group in the field of clean energy, especially in the commercialization of cleaner energy technology. Though both parties have their own specialities in their work, they can learn from each other and draw on each other¡¯s merits through cooperation. Lu also pointed out that as CAS undertakes basic research in the frontier science, besides cooperation in cleaner energy technology, the two parties may also jointly focus on issues in the frontier sciences in future and may draw up a long-term plan for fields of common interests, such as new material, nanometer technology and biotechnology related to renewable source of energy, so as to promote substantial cooperation between the two parties.

Bai Chunli Conferred New Title

Bai Chunli, Executive Vice President of CAS was conferred Honorary Doctorate of Science in praise of his brilliant achievements in science and engineering and outstanding contributions to technological development of the world, at the second graduation ceremony for undergraduates and conferment of Honorary Doctorate of Science, which was solemnly held at the Lecture Hall of Nottingham University Ningbo on Jul. 11. On the occasion at the University, Yang Fujia, President of the University of Nottingham, presided over the ceremony and awarded a letter of appointment to Bai Chunli.

Bai Chunli Meets Al-Anqari

On Jun. 9, Bai Chunli, Executive Vice President of CAS, met with Al-Anqari, the visiting Saudi Arabian Minister of Higher Education and his entourage, including Presidents of the King Saud University and other five key colleges and universities of Saudi Arabia.
At the end of the meeting, Bai Chunli and Osman, President of the King Saud University, signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of their respective parties. Further, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Institute of Chemistry, CAS and the University of Najran on nanometer chemistry and another cooperation agreement was signed between the State Key Laboratory of Information Security, Institute of Software and the King Saud University on information technology. Besides, the King Saud University and the Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Physics, Institute of Process Engineering and National Center for Nano Science and Technology, CAS have jointly sponsored 8 cooperative research projects. The Saudi Arabia will provide 500,000 US dollars to each project for both parties to co-launch relevant research and education projects.

Li Jiayang Meets Walter Erdelen

L i Jiayang, Vice President of CAS, met with Walter Erdelen, the visiting Assistant Director General of the UNESCO, and his entourage on Jul. 28. The two parties exchanged opinions on how to cooperate in the field of natural science. Both parties agreed to focus on climate change, sustainable development of environment, opening and sharing of large-scale scientific instruments and equipment and other issues of common interests, and join hands to assist the Chinese scientists to work in UNESCO, advance the capacity building of developing countries and encourage young scientists to participate in activities of international organizations. Both parties also discussed cooperation in substantial projects by establishing an international cooperation network, etc.

Li Jinghai Meets Jeanette Hacket

On Jul. 10, Li Jinghai, Vice President of CAS, met with Jeanette Hacket, the visiting President of Curtin University of Technology, Australia and her entourage and briefed the guests the progress of CAS in energy technology. Both parties agreed to strengthen substantial cooperation in energy and other fields. After the meeting, Zhang Suojiang, Director General of the Institute of Process Engineering, CAS and Hacket signed a ¡°Memorandum of Understanding on Scientific and Technological Cooperation in the Field of Energy Technology between the Institute of Process Engineering and the Curtin University of Technology¡± in the presence of Li Jinghai.

Grand Gathering on Conservation Biology

On Jul. 12, the 23rd International Congress for Conservation Biology was inaugurated in Beijing. Over 1,200 scientists and biological conservation advocators from 74 countries and regions attended the meeting co-sponsored by CAS, the State Forestry Administration and the Society for Conservation Biology. Wei Fuwen, Vice Chairman of Organizing Committee of the Congress and Associate Director General of the Institute of Zoology, CAS, presided over the opening ceremony of the Congress. Chen Yiyu, Chairman of the Congress, Minister of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Chairman of the Chinese National Committee for Diversitas, Jia Zhibang, Minister of the State Forestry Administration, Li Jiayang, Vice President of CAS and Georgina M. Mace, Chairman of the Society for Conservation Biology addressed the meeting.

The subjects of this Congress include exploring ways for harmonious co-existence between biodiversity of wild animals and plants and human demands for forest resources; biodiversity conservation and climate change, challenges of biological conservation on the Roof of the World and other worldwide hot issues of environmental protection. The theme of this meeting is ¡°Conservation: harmony between nature and society¡±.


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