April, 2007

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Electromechanical Interacted with LAMOST Project

On Feb. 28th, 2007, ¡°The Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST)¡±, one of the state key scientific research projects, was successfully installed at the Xinglong Observing Station of the National Astronomical Observatories, CAS (NAOC). Besides, the electromechanical interaction with the LAMOST¡¯s active optics, mirror support system and focal plane system was also smoothly completed with all the measured technical indicators better than design requirement.

The active optics and mirror support system is 8 meters in diameter and used to support the 5.7¡Á4.4m sized Schmidt corrector mirror (formed of 24 thin plane segments) and the big mirror cell, a trussed construction to the mirror. It will help in the realization of precisely tracking to celestial objects during the observation. The focal plane system provides support to 1.8-meter-dimater focal plane consisting of 4,000 optical fibers and the fiber-positioning units. It plays a major part in precisely positioning the focal plane and tracking the celestial object image. Focal plane rotates during tracking, so a de-rotating mechanism to compensate the field rotation is used. In the test, the measured accuracies of image field rotation, attitude regulation and focusing reached 0.5 arcsec, 5 micron and 5 micron respectively, better than the designed values.

New Progress Made in Plasticity of Amorphous Alloys Reported by Science

A research team headed by Wang Weihua from the Institute of Physics, CAS, scored a major progress in research on the plasticity of amorphous alloys. In the experiment, researchers successfully fabricated the bulk amorphous alloy with superplasticity and superhigh strength at room temperature. They conducted the microstructures analysis to the new material and put forward a new way to explore the plasticity of bulk amorphous alloy. Meanwhile, they have physically proven the possibility of the organic combination of superplasticity and superhigh strength, two of key properties of structural materials, in the amorphous alloy materials. Besides, all the components in the new material are lower-cost common metals. Their excellent performances will enable a wide and practical application of the metallic glasses. Their work was reported on the March 9th issue of Science (Science 315, 1385 (2007)).


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