October, 2007

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  • On Aug. 8, Prof. P. Ivan, Czech Technical University paid a three-day visit to the Changchun Observatory, NAOC, CAS and gave a lecture.
  • On Aug. 20, Dr. Stuart E. Smalley, District President of the British Medical and Health System paid a visit to the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, CAS.
  • On Aug. 21, Prof. Huang Jinwei from the Taiwan Jiaotong University paid a visit to the Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, CAS, and gave a splendid lecture.
  • On Aug. 22, Dr. Kevin L. Thompson, Director of Network Information Infrastructure Office International Research Network Project, Network Information Infrastructure Software Leadership Project, and Laboratory Infrastructure Networking Project of National Science Foundation (NSF) (USA) and Dr. Alan R. Blatecky, Director NSF Computing Science and Engineering Advanced Networking Infrastructure and Research Project, accompanied by Dr. Bill Chang, Director of NSF Beijing Office, paid an visit to the Network Information Center.
  • The 22nd International Conference on Refrigeration was jointly sponsored by the International Institute of Refrigeration/Institut International du Froid (IIR/IIF) in Beijing from Aug. 21 to 26. On the afternoon of Aug. 23, 23 representatives from 12 countries paid a visit to the Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS.
  • On Aug. 27, Dr. Li Luoquan, President of Taiwan Central University paid a visit to the Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO), CAS. Li also had discussions with some research fellows of PMO.
  • On Aug. 27, the signing ceremony of bilateral cooperation agreement between the Institute of Chemistry, CAS and the Discovery Research Institute and Frontier Research System (RIKEN) was held in Japan. Prof. Wan Lijun, Director General of the Institute of Chemistry, CAS and Dr. Noyori, Director of the Discovery Research Institute signed the agreement.
  • On Aug. 26, Dr. Terence William, President of International Ecosystem Research Network paid a visit to the Ansai Research Station of Soil and Water Conservation, Soil Conservation and Ecological Environmental Research Center, CAS with a delegation of the International Long-term Ecosystem Research Network (ILTER). The delegation comprised 43 experts and scholars from 23 countries and regions, including USA, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Italia, South Africa, Brazil and Taiwan.
  • On Aug. 31, Zheng Yongqi, Academician of the Taiwan Central Research Institute, and Professor in pharmacology of Yale University and President of Global Association of the Chinese Medicine paid a visit to the Institute of Microbiology, CAS and delivered a lecture.
  • On Sep. 6, Prof. Emilio Minguez, Vice-President of the Spanish Technical University of Madrid, Prof. J. Manuel Perlado Director of the Institute for Fusion Studies of the University, and Prof. P. Velarde paid a visit to the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOFM), CAS. During their stay, SIOFM-CAS and the Spanish Technical University of Madrid signed a 5-year memorandum of cooperation.
  • On Sep. 13, Prof. Douglas Osheroff, 1996 Nobel Laureate in Physics, from the Stanford University Department of Physics paid a visit to the Institute of Physics, CAS, and gave a lecture entitled as Research Strategies for Discovery In Physics.
  • On Sep. 13, Prof. Walter Koh, an internationally famous physical scientist, 1998 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Academician of the American Academy of Sciences, Academician of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and professor of the Santa Barbara Branch of University of Californian, who attended the 2007 Nobel Laureate Forum, paid a visit to the Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS.
  • On Sep. 16, the Europe-Asia Northern Earth Scientific Cooperation Program/Land Use and Cover Change Program Drought Area Forum, sponsored by the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, CAS was successfully held in Urumqi.
  • On the morning of Sep. 25, a biological science delegation of 11 from Denmark paid a visit to the Institute of Microbiology, CAS. Members of the delegation included scientific consul of Danish Embassy in China and professors from famous universities.
  • On the afternoon of Sep. 26, Prof. Lu Yonglong, Director of the Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS met with Dr. Dannenberg, officer-in-charge of the International Cooperation Affairs from the Headquarters of German Helmholtz Association.
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