August, 2007

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  • On June 1, Wang Qixiao, Deputy Director of the Institute of Oceanology, CAS, paid a visit to Mauritius with the Qingdao Municipal Government delegation.
  • On June 3, a delegation from Curtin University of Technology and University of Newcastle, Australia visited the Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS and signed an Agreement on Clean Coal S&T Cooperation between the three sides.
  • In order to intensify the existing S&T cooperation and explore new cooperative field and approach, Dr. Caristan, Director of the Department of Material Science, French Commission of Automatic Energy (CEA), led a 7-member delegation from CEA to visit the Institute of Plasma Physics, CAS.
  • The International Conference on Nano-science and Technology, China 2007 (ChinaNANO 2007) was held at the Beijing International Convention Centre from June 4 to 6, 2007.
  • In early June, Dr. James P. Collins and Dr. Joann Roskoski, Director and Deputy Director of the Department of Biology, National Science Foundation of the United States, visited the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS, respectively.
  • From June 3 to 7, the Tree of Life International Academic Workshop was held in Beijing Botanical Garden. This workshop was co-organized by the Chinese Natural Science Foundation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Institute of Botany,? the Institute of Zoology, the Institute of Botany (Jiangsu), Beijing Botanical Garden, DIVERSITAS bioGENESIS program, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency. Over 230 representatives from some 60 institutes and universities in 7 countries attended the meeting.
  • From June 5 to 6, the Workshop on Digital Botanical Garden Construction was held by the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS, in Xishuangbanna. 53 representatives from the British Royal Botanical Garden (Kew), Beijing University of Forestry, Wuhan University, Kunming University and other 12 domestic botanical gardens attended the workshop.
  • On the advocacy of Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee, Nobel Prize Laurite in physics, renowned physicist, foreign member of CAS and professor of Columbia University, the Seminar on the Possibility of Restoration to Parity Conservation under High Energy (PPRHE¡¯07) was held in the Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS, from June 11 to 12.
  • On June 29, Dr. Maxim Valitov of the Pacific Oceanological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences Far Eastern Branch, paid a visit to the Institute of Oceanology.
  • On the invitation of Shen Xuechu, Member of CAS from the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, CAS, Prof. Roy. J. Glauber, Harvard University Nobel Prize Laurite paid a visit to the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, CAS and delivered a lecture entitled ¡°A Century of Light Quanta¡±.
  • From June 27 to 30, the 2nd CAS-Thailand Ministry of S&T Symposium on S&T Cooperation was held in Chengdu.
  • After being successfully executed in China for three consecutive years, the Sino-US Young S&T Talents Exchange Program, which is co-organized by China MOST, CAS, NSFC and US NSF, and undertaken by the China S&T Exchange Center, arranged another 35 US excellent graduate students to visit China from Jun. 17 to Aug. 11, 2007.
  • On July 3, as sponsored and organized by Pei Duanqing, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health, CAS (GIBH), a delegation of scientists from the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) paid a visit to China. On July 2, ASBMB formally established its overseas representative office at GIBH.
  • On July 18, Dr. Buresh, expert from the International Rice Research Institute, paid a visit to the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, CAS, upon invitation.
  • On the afternoon of July 16, a delegation of the Thailand Royal Family paid a visit to the Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, CAS. Both sides held profound discussion on research fields and project cooperation of common interests.
  • At invitation of the State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS, Dr. Kui Yu of the Steacie Institute for Molecular Science, National Research Council, Canada, paid a visit to Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry.


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