No. 91

October 2013

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Cooperation between CAS and Local Authorities

Production of “Projection Vein Finder” is Industrialized

Recently, a product called “Projection Vein Finder”, jointly developed by the Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, CAS and its shareholding company—Vivolight Medical Device & Technology Co., Ltd. (Vivolight for short), has been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and is officially launched to the market. This innovative product can reduce the difficulty of vein locating for medical personnel, replace the traditional venipuncture of locating veins with the naked eyes and bring a revolution to the medical care field. “The Projection Vein Finder is designed upon the mechanism that hemoglobin is stronger in absorbing near-infrared light than other tissues”, according to Ray Zhu -General Manager of Vivolight. “Through a series of digital image processing, the product can project the outline of the vein to the skin surface, so that medical personnel can clearly observe the tiny blood veins that are 8 mm to 10 mm under the skin.” The new-generation product “Projection Vein Finder” is benefited from the optical imaging technology applied in spaceflight. Its first launch in market sets up a significant milestone in its development history. So far, Vivolight has established a strict management system and a sophisticated product line based on the ISO13485 standard of the National medical equipment Industry.

A 5-10kW SOFC Power System is Successfully Developed

Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) power system fed by natural gas is considered an effective relief for present power shortage due to its high efficiency, cleanness and capability to scale up to regional distributed power station based on current natural gas pipeline network. Recently, a 5 kW and a 10 kW SOFC power systems were successfully demonstrated at Banshan, Hangzhou, and maximum power outputs of 4.9 kW and 8.6 kW were achieved by the two SOFC systems respectively. The SOFC stacks (the system core) showed an efficiency of power generation of 41.1% and a maximum fuel utilization rate of 83.6%. The demonstrated SOFC system fed by natural gas is the first 10kW SOFC system in China. The systems were developed by the Division of Fuel Cells and Energy Technology (FCET) of the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS, and the demonstration was implemented by FCET and Hangzhou Banshan Power Co. Ltd. of China Huadian Group.

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