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October 2013

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Bai Chunli Meets with Elba Pérez

On Aug. 27, CAS President Bai Chunli met with Elba Pérez, the Cuban Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, and her delegation. Both sides focused their discussion on the S&T cooperation, and joint talent training between the two countries. Bai reviewed the bilateral cooperation regarding the high-level visits, exchange of personnel and joint research. Elba Pérez expressed her appreciation for CAS contribution to the development of bilateral S&T cooperation, and hoped to strengthen the bilateral multi-types cooperation, including joint establishment of research laboratories, and joint research projects.

Bai Chunli Meets with Michal Kleiber

On Sep. 9, CAS President Bai Chunli met with Michal Kleiber, visiting president of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and his entourage. Bai fully convinced the cooperation between the two academies in the fields of astronomical observation, advanced materials, zoological classification and evolution, etc. He stressed that CAS has paid much attention to the international cooperation, and taken PAS as a major partner in science and technology. Michal Kleiber briefed about the PAS current progress. Both sides convinced that the two academies have many similarities either in the organizational structure or the development deployment. Both sides would strengthen the concrete cooperation and widen the exchange fields on such basis. In the meeting, both sides also explored the possibility to establish overseas joint laboratories.

Bai Chunli Meets with Morten Ostergaard

On Sep. 18, CAS President Bai Chunli met with Morten Skeldal Ostergaard, the visiting Minister of Science, Innovation and Higher Education, Denmark, and her entourage. Bai reaffirmed that CAS has been attaching much importance to scientific research and education in cooperation with Denmark, and both sides reached consensus on the join establishment of the science and education center in 2008. The Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC) has achieved fast development since 2012, when it was formally put into operation. Bai expressed his sincere appreciation to the Denmark government for its support to the development of the center. He further stressed that education is one of the three principal functions of CAS, which is in a position to provide convenient conditions for students from both countries for their scientific practice based on CAS abundant resources in scientific research. Morten Ostergaard confirmed that the Denmark government highly commented the unique cooperation on science and education with CAS. The SDC has become a banner for the cooperation, which showed a good start. The Denmark government sincerely hoped to further promote the existing partnership for joint development.

Li Jinghai Meets with Unilever Group

On Aug. 22, CAS Vice President Li Jinghai met with Jim Crilly, senior vice president of Unilever and his entourage. Both sides had in-depth discussion regarding the innovative sustainable manufacture, smart materials, and human health/nutrition and safety, etc., and the principles, structure and types of the cooperation.

Zhang Yaping Visits Kenya and Tanzania

From Aug. 7 to 15, CAS Vice President Zhang Yaping led a delegation to visit relevant government departments and research institutions in Kenya and Tanzania. During their visit in Kenya, the Cooperation Agreement between CAS and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kenya was signed. A bilateral workshop was held by the delegation and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and a series of cooperation consensus was reached through the workshop. A preliminary cooperation intent and plan was achieved during the discussion. In Kigoma, Tanzania, the delegation attended the unveiling ceremony of the Demonstration Laboratory for the East African Great Lakes Water Resource and Eco-system Protection.

Zhang Yaping Meets with French Guests

On Sep. 4, CAS Vice President Zhang Yaping met with Prof. Christian Bréchot,visiting vice president of the Institut Merieux and his entourage. Zhang Yaping congratulated Prof. Bréchot for taking new post as Director General of Institut Pasteur, and briefed the guests about current progress that had been made by both CAS, and the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai. Prof. Bréchot stressed that China is a major partner of France in science and technology. Both sides explored the issues related to the future development of Institut Pasteur of Shanghai and the bilateral cooperation.

Fang Xin Meets with TWAS Executive Director

On Sep. 11, Prof. Fang Xin, member of CAS Presidium and President of Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) met with Prof. Romain Murenzi,, TWAS Executive Director. Both sides discussed in-depth the issues related to agenda of the OWSD Executive Meeting to be held in October, Argentina, the OWSD scholarship program, the selection mechanism of OWSD women science award and the 5th OWSD Assembly to be held in Mexico in 2014.

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