June, 2008

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Lu Yongxiang Meets Rauhut, President of RWTH Aachen University

On April 7 Afternoon, Lu Yongxiang, President of CAS, met with Prof. Rauhut, the visiting Rector of RWTH Aachen University, Germany and his entourage in Beijing. Prof. Rauhut conferred the honorary certificate on Lu Yongxiang for RWTH Aachen representative on behalf of RWTH Aachen University, and expressed that RWTH would like to carry out cooperation with CAS institutes on frontier fields.

Lu Yongxiang Meets French Guests

On April 25 afternoon, Lu Yongxiang, President of CAS, met with Ms. Brechignac, President of French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Prof. Francois Guinot, President of French Academy of Technologies and their entourage in Beijing.

Bai Chunli Visits Germany and Italy

At the invitation of the Max Planck Society, Germany and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics, Italy, Bai Chunli, Executive Vice President of CAS, and his entourage made visits in the scientific research institutions in Germany and Italy from April 15 to 22. In Germany, Bai Chunli visited the Headquarters of the Max Planck Society in Munich, and visited the Institute of Solid State Physics of the Max Planck Society in Stuttgart. In addition, Bai Chunli also visited the National Institute for Nuclear Physics, Italy. Bai Chunli and Petronzio, President of the Institute signed the Scientific Cooperation Agreement on Jointly Building a Joint Laboratory between National Institute for Nuclear Physics, Italy and CAS.

Bai Chunli Signes MOU with Australian National University

On May 5 afternoon, Bai Chunli, Executive Vice President of CAS, met with Ian Chubb, Vice Chancellor of the Australian National University (ANU), and his entourage. They signed a memorandum of understanding of cooperation on behalf of their respective institutions. Located in Canberra, capital of Australia, ANU was established in 1946 according to the law of the Commonwealth of Australia, featuring the only university directly subordinate to the commonwealth government in Australia, the scientific research funds of which accounts for three fourths of Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

Fang Xin Attends Third Executive Board Meeting of TWOWS

The Third Executive Board Meeting of the Third World Organization of Women Scientists (TWOWS) was held in Irbid, Jordan on April 27. The members of the executive board from nine developing countries, namely, China, India, Mexico, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria, Yemen, Tanzania and Bolivia, attended the meeting. It was presided over by Kaiser Jamil, TWOWS President and Director of Indian Cancer Center. Fang Xin, Vice President of TWOWS and Deputy Party Secretary of CAS attended the meeting. The Executive Board adopted the resolution on the Second Executive Board Meeting of TWOWS, which was held in Beijing, and listened to the report on preparation of the upcoming TWOWS Assembly to be held in Beijing by Fang Xin.

Li Jinghai Meets Markku Mattila, President of Finland Academy

On April 22, Li Jinghai, Vice President of CAS, met with Prof. Markku Mattila, the visiting President of the Academy of Finland, and his entourage.

Li Jiayang Meets German Minister Annette Schavan

On April 17, Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Research, Germany, and his entourage paid a visit to China and participated in the round table conference on scientific research policies under the theme of ˇ°CAS- MPG Strategic Partnershipˇ± in the Shanghai Institute for Advanced Studies, CAS. Li Jiayang, Vice President of CAS, Zhu Zhiyuan, Vice President of CAS Shanghai Branch, Chen Xiaoya, Executive Vice President of the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, CAS, etc. held talks with Schavan and his entourage.

Ding Zhongli Meets Gary Lunn, Canadan Minister

On May 23 morning, Ding Zhongli, Vice President of CAS, met with Gary Lunn, the visiting Minister of Natural Resources, Canada, and his entourage. Both parties exchanged views on strengthening their communications and cooperation in many fields such as climate change, energy, earth observation, forestry and ecology, etc.

Ding Zhongli Meets Andreas Schild, Director of ICIMOD

On April 29, Ding Zhongli, Vice President of CAS, met with Dr. Andreas Schild, the visiting Director of International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and his entourage.

Yin Hejun Meets Michel Cosnard, President of French Institute of Information and Automation

On April 10, Yin Hejun, Vice President of CAS, met with Michel Cosnard, the visiting President of French National Institute of Information and Automation. At the meeting, Tan Tieniu, Deputy Secretary of CAS briefed Dr. Cosnard the current development of the information and automation research in CAS.

Two Remote-sensing and Three Pilotless Planes to Monitor Quake-hit Areas

Upon approval of the State Council, CAS dispatched two remote-sensing aircrafts to the quake-hit areas to carry out remote sensing monitoring and disaster evaluation operations in Wenchuan quake-hit Areas on May 14 morning. In the meantime, the first batch of scientific research fellows from the Institute of Remote Sensing Applications and Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, took three pilotless planes with them to collect data in the remote control points at extreme low attitude which were inaccessible in earthquake-striking areas of Wenchuan, so as to verify the interpretation effect of the data collected from other sources and improve the accuracy of interpretation. The remote sensing information will provide fist-hand information and scientific basis for decision making on the rescue, disaster appraisal and post-quake reconstruction.


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