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December 2013

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Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev Visits CAS Institutions

On invitation, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister paid a visit to the CAS Institute of Plasma Physics, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science and the University of Science and Technology of China (UTSC). Mr. Medvedev was firstly invited to have an inspection tour to the achievement exhibition of the China-Russia cooperation on nuclear fusion of the Institute of Plasma, where he was reported about the recent progress of the project by representatives from the two collaborative parties: Director General Li Jiangang of the Institute and Dr. Grigory Trubnikov, Vice Chief Engineer of the Ion Collider project from the Russian Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Later, Mr. Medvedev came to the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and visited the exhibition on the research and teaching progress obtained by the university. The Russian Prime Minister was invited to deliver a speech to a big audience of the faculty and staff, and in the solemn occasion, Mr. Medvedev was granted the title of honorary professor of the University in a warm applause.

Australian Gov Speaks Highly for CAS’s Assistance on Controlling its Fire Disaster

A forest fire took place in New South Wales, Australia, which could hardly be controlled and became quite serious from Oct. 17. When the Chinese Academy of Sciences learned the urgency from Australia about the requirement for the specific satellite data on the disaster areas, the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth was immediately asked to launch the emergency mechanism, in the meantime the relevant information on the exact location, scale, and trend of the fire and its interpretation and assessment obtained from the satellites both from China and other sources was delivered to the Australian authorities through the Chinese Embassy to Australia on the early morning of Oct. 22. The information provided by the institute proved to be very referential, as expressed by the Australian officials. Along with the development of the fire situation, all together five brief reports on the fire conditions were delivered to Australian relevant authorities. Highly commented on such work, Frances Adamson, Australian ambassador to China wrote to Bai Chunli, CAS President, to express her sincere appreciation for the CAS assistance to the rescuer work during the fire disaster taken place in New South Wales on behalf of the Australian Government and the Australian spatial information institutions. In her letter, she stressed that the boundary maps about the fire sites drawn based on the satellite data obtained from the ground station of the institute are highly commented by the Australian government decision-makers and the rescuers for the timing assessments, while the relevant staff from the Geosciences Australia also appreciated the disinterested assistance, dedication and professional quality of the CAS professionals.

The CAS South American Astronomical Research Center Unveiled

The unveiling ceremony of the CAS South American Astronomical Research Center was held in the Chilean National Astronomical Observatory on Oct. 4. In the occasion, CAS President Bai Chunli and Acting Rector Aceituno of the University of Chile unveiled the Astronomical Research Center on behalf of the two sides respectively. In his speech, Bai Chunli expressed that the establishment of the Center is CAS’s first overseas project in implementing the strategy of strengthening S&T cooperation with the developing countries by CAS, which reflected fully the internationalization intent of the Chinese policy on the openness and reform, and thus it would build a solid base for the upgrading of the innovative ability and expanding its influence. Because of its geographical location and the complementarity of the time zones between China and Chile in the astronomical observation, the center would provide a significant platform for the astronomical observation and research of the southern hemisphere by the Chinese scientists. Further, the center would promote and support the cooperation of the two countries in the astronomical field, strengthen the talent exchange mechanism and encourage the Chinese scientists to make first rank innovative achievements using the current excellent facilities and conditions in Chile.

Fu Shuqin Honored for Influential TWAS service

On the occasion of its 30th year of activity, TWAS, The World Academy of Sciences for the advancement of Science in developing countries, honored two women who had provided decades of commitment to the Academy’s cause. Shuqin Fu, past director of the TWAS Regional Office for East & Southeast Asia within the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Immacolata Pannone, scientific expert in the Bilateral and Multilateral Scientific and Technological Unit of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They were both honored during a ceremony on Oct.1, 2013 during the 24th TWAS’s General Meeting, held in Buenos Aires, at which Bai Chunli, TWAS and CAS President, and Dr. Lino Baranao, minister of Science, Technology and Innovative Production of Argentina, jointly granted the plaques to both Shuqin Fu and Immacolata. Fu was honored for her “continued commitment in enhancing scientific collaboration between developing countries, and especially between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and TWAS”.

Obituary: Ye Duzheng Passed Away

Prof. Ye Duzheng (Tu-Cheng Yeh or for short T. C. Ye), former vice president and senior academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, world renowned meteorologist and atmospheric physicist, China’s Top Science Award Laureate,winner of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) IMO Award,Foreign Academician of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters,Honorary Member of American Meteorological Society, Honorary Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society passed away on Oct. 16, 2013, at the age of 98. Ye Duzheng laid the ground for the Chinese meteorological and climate research to take its place at the top level in the world.

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