April, 2006

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Lu Yongxiang Meets IU. S. Osipov, President of Russian Academy of Sciences

On March 20, Lu Yongxiang, President of CAS, met the visiting President of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), IU. S. Osipov and his entourage in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

First, Lu Yongxiang introduced the implementation status of the Knowledge Innovation Program of CAS and most recent progress of the cooperation with Russia. He said that CAS and RAS have established a stable cooperation relationship in such fields, e.g. geology, ecology/environment, spaceflight, and materials. This year, as the ¡°Russia Year¡± in China under the ¡°National Year¡± Program by the Chinese-Russian Governments, will see in June the ¡°CAS-RAS Workshop on Nano¡± sponsored by CAS. Lu Yongxiang sincerely invited Osipov to attend the opening ceremony of the Workshop.

Osipov expressed his gratitude to President Lu Yongxiang and CAS for their warm reception, and showed high recognition to CAS and RAS's cooperation in the past few years. He believed that there is still huge potential for further cooperation between the two sides.

Nikolai Dobretsov, Vice-President of RAS and President of RAS Siberia Branch, who accompanied Osipov for this visit, introduced the progress of ¡°Sino-Russia Science Park¡± made on Russian side.

Lu Yongxiang Meets Noda Takeshi

On February 9, Lu Yongxiang, President of CAS, met with Noda Takeshi, visiting member of the Diet of Japan and President of the Japan-China Society and his entourage in Beijing.

President Lu Yongxiang pointed out that, China and Japan compensate with each other in terms of culture, economy, geography, etc.; The relationship between the two countries will embrace a bright future, if the two countries, learning from the history and looking forward to the future, strictly comply with the China-Japan Treaty for Peace and Friendship , the China-Japan Joint Statement , and other relevant documents. President Lu Yongxiang also hoped that governments and NGOs of the two countries make efforts to promote exchanges between their young generations. Noda Takeshi agreed with President Lu Yongxiang's opinion, and said that only through mutual respect and deeper cooperation, could the two countries contribute to the prosperity and peace of Asia. As one of the seven major groups friendly to China, Japan-China Society is willing to make further efforts to promote the two countries' friendly cooperation.-14

Interconnection Protocol on ¡°Computing Grid¡± Signed

On Feb. 13, Chen Hesheng, member of CAS and Director General of the Institute of High Energy Physics paid a visit to the Institut National de Physique Nucleaire et de Physique des Particules. During the visit, the two parties entered into a ¡°Computing Grid¡± Interconnection Protocol. Pursuant to the Protocol, the two parties will launch effective cooperation on platform construction, data sharing, and participation in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) physics experiment of the Laboratorio Europeo de F¨ªsica de Part¨ªculas (CERN), etc.-15

China and UK to Launch Research on Antimalarial Drugs

On March 10, the Technical Department of the British Medical Research Council (MRC) announced to launch an important cooperative research on antimalarial drug with the National Center for Drug Screening.

A drug discovery group under the MRC's Technical Department, located in the Mill Hill laboratory, London, had established one screening method based on the latent antimalarial drug target Pfsub-1 (subtilisin-like proteinase), and had successfully found several active compounds from its sample room. The cooperation will further expand the screening scale for antimalarial drug compounds.

Roberto Solari, CEO of MRC's Technical Department commented: ¡°This cooperation has been developed on basis of the UK-China Partners in Science and is a result of the visit to China by the MRC delegation last October.¡±-17
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