Autumn, 2002

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CAS Working Conference on Basic Research

The CAS Working Conference on Basic Research was ceremoniously held in Beijing on 11-12 June 2002.

Jinpei CHENG (Vice Minister of Science and Technology), Ji ZHOU (Vice Minister of Education), Zhuqi LI (Vice Chairman of the National Natural Science Foundation of China) and Yongxiang LU (President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) gave inspiring speeches at the opening ceremony. Chunli BAI, Vice President of CAS, delivered a work report with the title of "earnestly carrying out the guidelines of the CAS for the new phase and substantially strengthening basic research", which defined the objectives of the Conference as follows: to carry out the spirit of the national working conference on basic research in a comprehensive way; to further clarify the goals and orientation of basic research in accordance with the CAS guidelines for the new phase; and to identify the principal problems that exist and propose measures on how to strengthen basic research.

Discussions were conducted on topics such as "how to apply for state key projects", "how to establish a modern institute management system, improve the innovative capacity in basic research and push forward the rapid and overall development of the institute", "how to carry forward team spirit and enhance international cooperation in various forms", and "how to build a combined fleet of scientists for the campaign of West China Development".

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