December, 2005

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Lu Yongxiang and Bullinger (Fraunhofer Institute of Germany) Sign Cooperation Agreement

President Lu Yongxiang met with Dr. Bullinger, Chairman of the Fraunhofer Institute, his wife and his entourage and held a banquet on Nov. 11 th in honor of them.

President Lu exchanged ideas with Chairman Bulliger on issues of impact of application of new technologies on the human society, etc., while President Lu made the point that Fraunhofer Institute might cooperate with CAS in exchanging visits of senior research fellows. President Lu and Chairman Bullinger signed an Agreement on Continuance of Scientific Cooperation between the Fraunhofer Institute and the Chinese Academy of Science.

Lu Yongxiang Meets Mr. Dordain, Director General of European Space Agency

Lu Yongxiang, President of CAS, met with Mr. Jean-Jacques Dordain £¬ the visiting Director General of ESA, and his entourage. By looking back the long history of cooperation between ESA and CAS in the field of space programs and particularly the successful cooperation of the ¡°Double Star Project¡± in particular, President Lu emphasized that ESA was the best partner for us to cooperate in the fields of space programs and hoped that the two sides develop an comprehensive cooperation in aerospace research and space technology.

Mr. Dordain expressed appreciation to CAS for its role in the bilateral cooperation. He said that both parties had tackled so many difficulties and made remarkable achievements. Mr. Dordain hailed China's achievements in the space research that had set a good example internationally, and he completely agreed that the bilateral cooperation in the field of space exploration should be continued.

French Health Minister Visits CAS Pasteur Institute of Shanghai

Mr. Xavier Bertrand, French Minister of Health and Solidarity, paid a visit to the Pasteur Institute of Shanghai, CAS on Nov. 21. He visited the Joint Lab of Virology, Anti-virus Immunization and Genetic Treatment Lab and Virus Vaccine Lab. Mr. Du Wensheng, Director General of the Institute, introduced to Mr. Bertrand the research orientation of the institute and their progress in the research work on anti-bird-flu and their joint research work with Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences on anti-bird flu in particular.

Second Sino-Australian S&T Workshop Held in Beijing

Co-sponsored by CAS, the Australian Academy of Sciences (AAS) and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering (ATSE), the second Sino-Australian S&T Workshop was held from Oct. 9 to 12 in Beijing. Chen Zhu, Vice President of CAS, President Jim Peacock of AAS and President John W Zillman of ATSE were present at the conference.

More than 50 experts from universities and research institutions of the two countries discussed about the latest progress and the development trends in four fields regarding plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, nano-medicine biotechnology and nano-material technology.

CAS and INRA of France Sign a LABIOCEM Agreement

Chen Zhu, Vice President of CAS met with Dr. Marion Guillou, Chairman of the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) of France and her entourage and signed on an agreement on the founding of a Sino-French Joint lLab for Mammal-embryo Cell Biology (LABIOCEM) on Nov. 4 th in Beijing.

Chen Zhu Meets British Chief Executive of Medical Research Council

Chen Zhu, Vice President of CAS met with Prof. Colin Blackmore, Chief Executive of the British Medical Research Council (MRC) and his entourage. The two sides reached consensus on future cooperation in such fields as infectious diseases, stem cells and neuroscience on Oct. 26 th in Beijing. After the meeting, they signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between CAS and MRC¡£


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