December, 2004

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Delegation of Russian Academy of Sciences Headed by its Vice President Paid a Visit to Liaoning

On Sep. 26~29, a delegation headed by Academician N.L.Dobretsov, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Siberian Branch Academy of Sciences, and Chairman of the Asian Academy of Sciences Association (AASA) attended the fifth Congress of AASA, which was held in China, at the invitation of Yongxiang Lu, President of CAS. The delegates also participated in the academic sessions of the congress and paid a visit to Liaoning, Jilin and other provinces.

Russion Scientist, Laureate of Lenin Medal Visits Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology

In the morning of Nov. 23, 2004, Dr. Nechitailo Galina, a Russian Scientist, laureate of Lenin Medal from the Institute of Bio-chemistry and Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Congressman of the Russian Duma, paid a visit to the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology for academic exchange and presented Min Liu Research Group with an "International Space Station" symbol flag and some seeds from the station. During the visit, both sides renewed their agreement regarding cooperation in research on space life science.

President of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences Visits CAS

Recently, a delegation of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, headed by President B. Yuldashev, paid a visit to CAS on invitation.

President Yongxiang Lu met President B.Yuldashev and his entourage. They exchanged views on cooperation between the two academies. President Yongxiang Lu pointed out that the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences has formed its own advantages and features in a long-term scientific practice and has possessed international standards in fields of medicinal phytochemistry and control and prevention of disaster caused by bollworms, etc. For the time being, CAS is actively discussing with the Ministry of Commerce to make arrangements for a pilot engineering project to establish a solar power station for the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences.

American Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry Visits Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry

On Oct. 8, Prof. K. Barry Sharpless, an research fellow from the Scripps Research Institute, USA paid a visit to the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry. Prof. K. Barry Sharpless has been dedicated to the research on asymmetrical oxidative catalytic reaction. Because of his achievements in the chiral oxidative catalytic research, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2001 shared with Dr. William S. Knowles, another American scientist, and Dr. Ryoji Noyori, a Japanese scientist.

A grand ceremony was held in the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry awarding Prof. K. Barry Sharpless with a title of honorary professor of the institute, and in the meantime, he was also invited to be a member of the Academic Committee of the Institute. Later, Prof. K. Barry Sharpless gave a lecture entitled "Stitching with Nitrogen" in the institute.

Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry Visits Institute of Chemistry

On Oct. 14, Prof. Alan G. MacDiarmid, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry of 2000, paid a visit to the Institute of Chemistry. Prof. MacDiarmid gave a lecture on invitation. In his lecture, he elaborated his viewpoint on science based on human requirements. He urged scientists to have the courage to discover errors and to query the traditional views. He also made a brief introduction on the development of some frontier research, such as conductive polymer and nano science. His lecture was warmly responded. Prof. MacDiarmid also paid a visit to the State Key Laboratory on Optical Chemistry of CAS and National Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics & Chemistry.

The Fourth International Seminar on Mini-factories Held in Shanghai

On Oct 15, the Fourth International Seminar on Mini-Factories was held in Shanghai. Topics of the Seminar included exchange of relevant unit technology, and systemized technology of mini-factories, discussion on development perspectives of mini-factories, the exchange of technology related to MEMS, counterpart communication between the Japanese Precision Industry Association and the Chinese Precision Machinery Association, research institutions and enterprises related to micro-systems and introduction of the updated technology of MEMS Devices manufacturers.

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