December, 2004

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The 25th Conference of Sino-American Joint Committee on High-energy Physics Collaboration Held

From Oct 15~16, the 25th Conference of Sino-American Joint Committee on High-energy Physics Collaboration was held in the Institute of High-energy Physics. An American delegation of 10 headed by Robin Staffin, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Basic Science of the Ministry of Energy attended the conference.

On Oct 15, Premier Jiabao Wen warmly received the American high-energy physics Delegation in Ziguangge, Zhongnanhai where the central government is located. Recalling the course of the Sino-American cooperation in science and technology, Premier Wen pointed out that the cooperation has been good on the whole since Mr. Xiaoping Deng visited America fifteen years ago, when an agreement was signed with President Carter regarding the Sino-American cooperation in science and technology. The collaboration on Sino-American high-energy physics is a major project of the cooperation in science and technology between the two countries. He highly commented the achievements of the high-energy physics collaboration, which is a model for the cooperation between the two sides. Premier Wen expressed his special appreciation to Prof. T. D. Lee and Prof. W. Panofsky, former Director of the American Stanford Linear Accelerator Center for their contribution to the cooperation on the Sino-American high-energy physics program.

At the meeting, the two sides reached an agreement on 48 collaborative projects. The cooperation between the two sides still concentrates on the project of major transforming of BEPII. For the first time, a collaborative project on neutrino experiment was accepted in the collaborative program.

Yongxiang Lu Meets President of Finnish Academy of Sciences and Signs an Agreement on Cooperation in Science

In the afternoon of Oct.12, at the Guoyi Hotel, Yongxiang Lu, President of CAS met Prof. Raimo Vaeyrynen, President of the Finnish Academy of Sciences (FAC), and Anneli Pauli, Vice President of FAC, who came for a visit. The two presidents signed an agreement on cooperation between the two academies for the future five years. The agreement proposes different forms of cooperation regarding joint research programs, advanced research centers and joint thematic research plans, etc. Some neurologists from the Finnish delegation also paid a visit to the Institute of Biophysics of CAS and the Shanghai Academy of Life Science, seeking cooperation in neuroscience.

China-EU Energy / Environment Program Triggered

On Nov.3, the State Development and Reform Committee (SDRC) and the Permanent Mission of the EU European Committee jointly held a symposium on the triggering of "China-EU Energy/Environment Program" and on "China-European Energy Policy and Sustainable Development", declaring the actual implementation of the China-EU Energy/Environment Program.

The implementation period of the program is from May 2003 to May 2008 for 5 years. The total investment is 42.9 million Euros, of which 20 million Euros are from the EU. The program is now in the phase of designing of the plan and specific sub-projects for implementation. Any projects over 5,000 Euros will be implemented on tendering basis.

Joint Committee on Scientific Cooperation of Chinese and Mongolian Academies Held Its First Working Meeting

On Oct. 19, the Mixed Committee on Scientific Cooperation between CAS and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences held its first working meeting in Beijing. At the meeting, Jiayang Li, Vice President of CAS, and T. Galbaatar, Vice President of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences discussed the specific projects to be implemented and agreed unanimously on regulations of the implementation procedure.

The first set of key projects endorsed by the committee are Joint Research on the South-North Pilot Zone of the Eurasian Grassland by China and Mongolia and Joint Research on Sand-dust.

2004 China-Belgium Academic Exchange Symposium Held

The 2004' China-Belgium Symposium on Semi-conductor Spintronics was held on Oct. 12 in the library's lecture hall in the Institute of Semi-conductors of CAS. Prof. F. M. Peeters and Dr. B. Partoens from the Department of Physics, the Antwerp University in Belgium gave a special lecture for the symposium. The symposium was proceeded in a free academic atmosphere, in which the attendants had a warm discussion about future cooperation in science and research.

The First China-Japan Bilateral Symposium on Bird Flu Held in Beijing

The First China-Japan Bilateral Symposium on Bird Flue was held in Beijing on Oct. 18~19th.
This symposium attracted senior scientists in the research of bird flu from both China and Japan. They presented wonderful lectures respectively on the progress in the bird flu research, disease control, and development of vaccine. The experts had an in-depth discussion and extensive communication about animal's bird flu in epidemiology, monitoring of flu suffered by the Chinese, quick diagnosis of bird flu, study of bird flue vaccine by means of a verse genetics, probing the structure of the SARS corona virona virus by SEM, and the mechanism of bird flu causing diseases. They also discussed the prospects and ways of strengthening cooperation in the above-mentioned fields for future cooperation.

Nanjing Declaration on Management of Nitrogen Released at Third International Nitrogen Conference

The third International Nitrogen Conference was closed in Nanjing on Oct. 16 after five days meeting. At the closing ceremony, some 400 scientists, who attended the conference from more than 40 countries, jointly issued the Nanjing Declaration on Management of Nitrogen. The Declaration aims at emphasizing the negative influence and pressure from the consumption of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer and energy on the environment, appealing to countries all over the world to pay more attention to the influence of nitrogen cycle on the ecological environment for the global sustainable development, and actively intend to explore strategy which will not only increase food production and energy consumption, but also decrease the influence of activation nitrogen on the environment.

Zhaoliang Zhu, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, research fellow of the Nanjing Institute of Soil Science of CAS and member of CAS, K. Minami, President of the Japanese Institute of Agricultural Environment, and Prof. J. Galloway from the University of Virginia, Chairman of INI jointly signed the Declaration on behalf of the conference and they solemnly submitted one of the original versions to the representative of UNEP.

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