December, 2004

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Visits & Exchanges

  • On Sept. 16, Prof. Peter A. Lewin form the Department of Computer Engineering, Engineering College of the Drexel University in America and Director of Ultrasonic Research Center, paid a visit to the Institute of acoustics, and gave a lecture entitled the Present and Future State of Biomedical Ultrasonic.
  • On Sept. 26~30, 2004, Mr. Mikami Masao, laureate of the "Chinese Tianshan Award", which was established by the Xinjing Uygur Autonomous Region, and the national "Friendship Award " for the year 2004, paid a visit to Beijing on invitation with Mrs. Mikami to take part in the "Friendship Award" and the National Day Celebration activities.
  • On Sept. 28, Mr. Philip Lukins, chief scientist from the Australian Institute of Measurement Research paid a visit to the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics. He paid a visit to the Laboratory for Quantum Optics, the Laboratory for Advanced Optical Technique and the Key Laboratory for High Intensity Optics, and exchanged views on relevant fields.
  • On Sept. 30, at the invitation of the Institute of Geodesy & Geophysics, Dr. Minkang Cheng, from the Space Research Center of the Texas University, US paid a visit to the Institute for academic exchange.
  • On Sept. 27-Oct 13, Dr. Ulrich Karlson, a senior scientist from the National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark, paid a visit to and gave lectures in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
  • From Oct. 4~9, Prof. Jan Harff and his group of 6 people from the Institute of Oceanography of German Baltic Sea paid a visit to the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology to implement the collaborative project entitled "Response of the Pearl River Delta Sedimentation Series to the World Climate and Human Activities in the Holocene Period" (PECAI).
  • On Oct. 6, a group of 5 experts headed by Prof. Pfeifer, supervisor in charge of measurement and quality control technology of the Machine Tools and Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory of the Aachen University and Dr. Glaser, from the Manufacturing Technology Research Institute of the Fraunhofer Association, Germany, paid a visit to the Shenyang Institute of Automation.
  • On Oct. 9, Prof. Leslie Ungerleider, member of the American Academy of Sciences, gave a lecture entitled "How the Brain Pays Attention" in the Zhongguancun Science Park of the Post-Graduate School of CAS.
  • Recently, Prof. Robert F. Singer, Dean of the Department of Materials of the Erlangen-Nuremberg University of Germany, paid a visit to the Institute of Metal Research of CAS and made a wonderful lecture in the Institute. Before the meeting, Prof. Huiming Cheng, Standing Deputy Director of the Institute, presented Prof. Singer with the Hsun Lee Lecture Award.
  • From Oct. 18-24, Dr. Andrew W. Mitchell, Director of the Global Forest Canopy Project paid a visit to the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS. He also paid a visit to the Ailao Mountain Forest Ecosystem Field Station, which is attached to the Garden with Prof. Roger Kitching, senior visiting scholar of the Botanical Garden, who is chief ecologist of the Griffith University, Australia, and Prof. Min Cao, Deputy Director of the Garden.
  • From Oct. 25~28, Dr. Romkens, Director of the American National Silt Laboratory, paid a visit to the Soil Conservation Center. Both sides explored the possibility to import the RUSLE and its application in the Yellow Earth Plateau and the collaborative research on soil erosion in the Yellow Earth Plateau.
  • Prof. Bernard Halphen, Director of the French Ecole Polytechnique Solid Materials Mechanics Laboratory (LMS) paid a visit to the Institute of Mechanics, CAS. Prof. Halphen gave a lecture on "The Asymptotic Analysis of the Elasto-plastic and Visco-plastic Behavior of Structures"
  • On Nov. 6, Mr. Ron Ekers, Chairman of IAU paid a visit to the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory and gave a lecture on "Radio Astronomy Facilities: Exploring the Cosmic Frontier"
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