February, 2005

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Visits & Exchanges
  • On Nov. 15, 2004£¬Vice President Richard from the French Lode Co. Ltd. paid a visit to the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM), CAS, and the Key Laboratory for High Intensity Optics of CAS.
  • From Nov. 30~ Dec. 10, Prof. Bernd R. T. Simoneit from the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences (COAS) of the Oregon State University paid a visit to the State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry (SKLOG) of the Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS.
  • On Dec. 2, Dr. Lee Morin, American Deputy Assistant Secretary in charge of Oceanic and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, paid a visit to the Institute of High Energy Physics, accompanied by officials from the U.S. Embassy to China in Beijing. On Nov. 30, Dr. Lee Morin and other two officials paid a visit to the National Time Service Center (NTSC), CAS, accompanied by officials from the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Shaanxi Province.
  • On Dec. 6, Prof. Steven Tyerman, from the School of Agriculture and Wine of the University of Adelaide, Australia, academician of the Australian Academy of Science, Chairman of the Australian Camellia Research Society, paid a visit to the Institute of Botany, CAS.
  • On Dec. 7, President Lu Yongxiang of CAS, heading a delegation, paid a visit to London. He met with Sir David King, Chief Science and Technology Advisor to the U.K Government and Assistant Director of the Committee of Science and Technology of the British Cabinet. On Dec. 8, President Lu Yongxiang and his entourage held talks with the British Royal Society.
  • From Dec. 9~10, President Lu Yongxiang of CAS paid a visit to the British University of Nottingham, where he was awarded an honorary doctor degree of science.
  • On Dec. 10, Dr. Stephane Grumbach, Councillor of Science and Technology from the French Embassy to China and his entourage paid a visit to the Kunming Institute of Botany, CAS.
  • On Dec. 10, Prof. Rudolf Achazi from the Freie University, Berlin (Berlin FU) paid a visit to the Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS. He delivered a lecture entitled "Application of Molecular Bio-technology in the Research of Ecological toxicology".
  • On Dec. 12, President Lu Yongxiang of CAS and his entourage paid a visit to the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • On Dec. 14, Mr. David Wang, Executive Vice President of the US-based Applied Materials Inc. and President of the Asian Pacific Region and his survey team of 8 people, paid a visit to the Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics (XIOPM).
  • On Dec. 14, Prof. Naoki Kamegashira, Vice President of the Toyohashi University of Technology and his entourage paid a visit to the Institute of Metal Science, CAS.
  • From Dec. 14~15, Prof. Jin-Ae Lee from the Korean College of Environmental Science and Engineering and Prof. Ik-Kyo Chung from the Department of Oceanography of the Pusan National University paid a visit to the Water Environment Engineering Center of the Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS for academic exchange.
  • On Dec. 17, Wang Xiaodong, the youngest academician of the American Academy of Sciences, who is an American scientist of Chinese origin, was invited to the Academic Salon of the Institute of Biophysics, CAS (IBP-CAS), and had passionate interaction with more than 200 scientific researcher fellows and postgraduates. He made an academic report entitled "The Dysfunction of Mitochondria". Rao Zihe, Member of CAS and Director of the Institute of Biophysics hosted the Academic Salon.
  • On Dec. 17, an inauguration ceremony for the Sino-Russian Science and Technology Center was held. Zhang Deguang, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Teng Weiping, Vice Governor of the Liaoning Province, and representatives from the Russian Federation, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Tajikistan attended the ceremony.
  • Recently, Prof. Yuri Grin, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids paid a visit to the State Key Laboratory of High Performance Ceramics and Superfine Microstructures of the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS for academic exchange on invitation. Prof. Grin gave a lecture entitled Electron Counting for Intermetallic Compounds in the key laboratory.
  • On the afternoon of Jan. 10, 2005£¬a ceremony was held in the School of Science of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) for Dr. Gerald C. Blazey who is from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. He was invited as Visiting Professor of the Department of Modern Physics. Hou Jianguo, Member of CAS and Vice President of the university awarded a certificate to Dr G.C.Blazey.
  • On Jan. 11, Mr. TABATA Yoshihisa, Chief representative of the Beijing Office of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) paid a visit to the Academy of Optics and Electronics, CAS.
  • On Jan. 12, Prof. Aeshita Mukherjee, foreign post-doctorate of the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS, gave an lecture entitled Ecological Indulgent: a Aontrivance for Conservation in the Garden, which was warmly welcomed by the research staff and postgraduates.
  • On Jan. 13, Dr. Kang Zhenchuan from the University of Law, Economics and Science of Aix-Marseille paid a visit to the National Center for Nano Science and Technology and gave a lecture about nano energy resources in the Center.
  • Prof. Roger Horn, Deputy Director of the Ian Wark Research Institute of the University of South Australia, paid a visit to the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS for academic exchange.
  • From Jan. 25~28, Prof. Yoshihiko Tsumura, Director of the Genetic Analysis Laboratory in the Department of Forest Genetics of the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan paid a visit to the Institute of Botany, CAS, and gave a lecture entitled Genome Research on the Japanese Conifers.
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