February, 2005

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Lu Yongxiang: Form Correct View of Values for Innovation in Science and Technology

On Nov. 29, President Lu Yongxiang of CAS made an important speech at a sum-up meeting of the innovation issues in the Chengdu Branch, CAS. He pointed out that a correct view of values has to be formed in practicing science and technology innovation.

Lu Yongxiang pointed out that science and technology are the basis and key factors for the future development of China and all the human being. They are the leading force of economic and social development and human civilization progress. At present, China is in a new historical stage of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. To achieve the goal of transformation from a moderately prosperous society in all respects to a moderate developed country, we must be independent and creative, and must be able to make independent and original innovation and key technical innovation and integration in some trades and products to lead the tide of world development.

Lu Yongxiang stressed that the basic concept of innovation for the people and its correct sense of value must be set up in implementing the Knowledge Innovation Program in science and technology. If each research institute and each scientific researcher takes one step in advance in the sense of value of innovation, we will be able to take one step in advance in the practice of innovation.

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