February, 2005

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Vice President Bai Chunli Met Director General of European Southern Observatory

On Jan. 17, Vice President Bai Chunli, CAS met with Dr. Catherine Cesarsky, Director General of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), and Dr. Roberto Gilmozzi, ESO expert to Chile, and their entourage.

Dr. Gilmozzi gave a brief introduction about the on going project: Large Optical Telescope (OWL). He expressed willingness to have substantial cooperation with the National Astronomical Observatories in the site selection for astronomical observatory in West China, and hoped that the Chinese astronomers could come to work in ESO and learn about experience on management and operation of large instruments and equipment.

Vice President Li Jinghai Met Pakistani Minister of Science and Technology

On Dec. 15, Vice President Li Jinghai of CAS met Mr. Ch. Nouraiz Shakoor Khan, Pakistani Minister of Science and Technology. Vice President Li Jinghai said that CAS attaches great importance to developing exchange relationships with the Third World countries, including Pakistan, as well as to academic exchange with the developed countries. Vice President Li Jinghai also briefed the guests about the Graduate School of CAS. This school has set up a fund to sponsor graduate students, and to receive international students from the Third World countries. Finally, both sides exchanged opinions about the exchange of young scientists between the two countries, and joint organization of academic workshops, etc. The two sides exchanged views on issues concerning the communications among young scholars, joint academic meetings and cooperative research between the two countries.

Secretary-General Li Zhigang Met Japanese Delegation on S & T Policy

On January 20, Secretary-General Li Zhigang Met with the Japanese Delegation of Science & Technology Policy, headed by ARIMOTO Takeo, the new director of the Bureau of Science and Technology Policy, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in the CAS headquarters.

Director ARIMOTO Takeo expressed that the Second Symposium of Sino-Japanese Science & Technology Strategy and Policy would be held in the coming spring in Japan, and he was looking forward to the participation of the Chinese representatives and continue to have a further sound discussion on these issues.

Vice President Li Jiayang Met President of Tokyo University

On Nov. 22, Vice President Li Jiayang, CAS met with SASAKI Takeshi, President of the Tokyo University, and KIRINO Takaaki, Vice President of the University and their entourage.

Guo Huadong Met Australian Guest

On January 17, Vice Secretary-General Guo Huadong, CAS met with Dr. Megan Clark, Vice President for Technology of Australian BHP Billiton Ltd. In the meeting, both sides reiterated about the importance of the agreement signed on the formation of the partnership for research cooperation to both sides. It is learned that the BHP Billinton Ltd. is the largest resources company in the world, with more than 100 cooperative programs in more than 20 countries. In December 2004, CAS signed with the company a memorandum of understanding for establishing special relation.

New Year Concert for CAS Members Held in Beijing

A New Year concert for members of CAS was solemnly held in Beijing on December 27 at the Centennial Hall, Peking University. The Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra gave a brilliant performance on invitation.

President Lu Yongxiang delivered a New Year's Message on behalf of the Presidium of Academic Divisions, CAS. He gave his New Year blessings and sincere greetings to all the members and their families. He also extended his heartfelt thanks to people from all circles for their support to CAS and the Presidium of Academic Divisions. Lu Yongxiang said: in the new year to come, he wished all the members and guests a happy New Year and good health.

The performance given by the orchestra included selected items from Tchaikovsky's ballet suite Swan Lake, Bizet's Carmen and Johann Strauss' waltz "The Beautiful Blue Danube" and some of symphonic works by the Chinese composers. With one tune after another familiar to the people vibrating in the Hall, the jumping notes and beautiful melodies intoxicated all the Audience.

Lu Yongxiang Called on Former Leaders of CAS and Honorary Members of CAS

On Jan. 26, President Lu Yongxiang called on Zhang Jinfu, former Vice President of CAS and also called on Yu Wen, former Secretary General, and Hou Xianglin, Shi Changxu and Wang Daheng, honorary members of CAS in the Beijing Hospital and the 301 Hospital.

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