August, 2004

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Visits & Exchanges
On May 12 to 16, the Delegation of Chinese Academy of Sciences led by Zhu Chen, Vice-President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited France
  1. On the morning of June 17, Mr. Mike Johanns, Governor of Nebraska State, U.S.A. and his group, visited the graduate school of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, during which the medical center of Nebraska State University and the graduate school signed the memorandum of cooperation in scientific research and education.
    According to the memorandum, both sides will have diversified forms of cooperation and exchange in the field of biology, such as exchange of teachers and students, graduate students programs, and academic seminars.
  2. On July 21, a group of 4 persons, including Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Hartmut Michel, Nobel Chemistry Prize winner and Professor Timothy C. Hall, Director of the Institute of the Molecular Biology and Development, A & M University in Texas, U.S.A., visited the Banna Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  3. On May 29, Peter Gruss, Chairman of Die Max Planck- Gesellschaft, and his group visited Kunming Institute of Zoology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Gruss said that Yunnan Province is rich in animals and plants resources, and that it is an ideal place for bio-diversity study and biological evolution study.
  4. On June 1, Professor Kou ShaoQuan from the Lulea University of Sweden was invited to visit the Wuhan Intitute of Rock and Soil Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and gave a report on "Rock Fracture Mechanics Research and Progress in Sweden."
  5. On June 2 to 8, Dr. RJ Buresh, program chief scientist of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), and Ms S Johnson, Doctor in soil chemistry from the Connell University in the U.S.A. paid a 6-day working visit to the Institute of the Subtropical Agricultural Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  6. On June 29, the Argentinean Delegation visited the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The delegation visited GODSON CPU, a project of the Systematic Structure Division, and Dawn 4000A server in High-performance Computer Division. Among the visitors was Mr. Carlos Pallotti, Chairman of Argentinean Software Association.
  7. On May 27, Dr. JianMing Ren, Associate Professor of the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Medical School of Yale University in the USA, Deputy Director of the Department of the Global Metabolic Medicine Market of the American Bristol-Mile, and Senior Researcher of Department of the Metabolic Disease, visited Xinjiang Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS, and gave an academic report entitled The New Medicines For The Diabetes and Obesity.
  8. On June 14, Professor O. Barbarouxj, famous algologist from the French Institute of Oceanography visited the Institute of Oceanology, CAS. Professor O. Barbarouxj and his group visited the Specimen Depository of marine organism samples, and key laboratory of experimental marine biology.
  9. On June 16, Doctor Bernd Ueberschar, ichthyology expert of the Libnitz Institute of Oceanography in Germany visited Wuhan Institute of Hydrobiology and made a report entitled "Fish-and LarvalBase : Global Information systems on Fish and Fish Larvae."
  10. A few days ago, Professor S. D. Bader, Director of Material Science Division, U.S. Argong National Laboratory, editor-in-chief of Appl Phys. Lett, made a special report entitled Ferromagnetic-Superconducting Hybrid Systems at Zhongguancun Forum On Condensed Matter Physics in the Institute of Physics.
  11. On June 11 to 13, a delegation of 6 persons headed by Dr. E. Oktay from U.S. Department of Energy visited the Institute of Plasma Physics, CAS. On the afternoon of June 12, the Director of the DIII-D project, Institute of Fusion Energy Sciences, General Atomics Company formally signed with the Institute of Plasma Physics an agreement of overall cooperation for 5 years.
  12. Dr Juergen Koepke, professor and protein crystallography scientist from German Max Planck Biological Physics Institute visited the Institute of Oceanology, CAS on June 14.
  13. On June 17, Mr. Balacheff with a group of 11 members from the French National Research Center visited the Institute of Microsystem, CAS.
  14. On June 17, Professor Howard Roe, director of the Southampton Oceanography Center in Britain, visited the Institute of Oceanology, CAS.
  15. Professor Dan McKenzie from the Department of Geoscience of Cambridge University in Britain visited the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology on June 17 to 22. Professor McKenzie, Honorary Professor of the Institute, offered to continue his support to the research of the institute by personal donation of books.
  16. On June 28, Dr. Jeffrey S Lehman, President of U.S. Cornell University and a group of 6 members visited the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS.
  17. The Sino-America Editorial Committee of Flora of China held a meeting in Beijing on June 28 to 29. CAS member Deyuan Hong, chief of the editorial committee on the Chinese side, and Dr. Peter Raven, chief of the editorial committee on the American side, and other members from both sides were present at the meeting.
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