August, 2004

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Sino-Japan Scientific and Technological Strategy and Policy Summit Meeting Held in Kunming

The "Sino-Japan Scientific and Technological Strategy and Policy Summit Meeting" was held in Kunming on June 23. Leaders attending the seminar were vice president Erwei Shi, secretary-general Zhigang Li, vice secretary-general Xiaoye Cao of CAS and Mr. Arima, senator of the Japanese Senate and the ex-minister of the Ministry of science and Culture, Mr. Tamura, the governmental affair officer of the Ministry of science and Culture and congressman of the House of Representatives.

At the seminar, the Chinese side made reports on the "Science and Technology Arrangement Adjustment of CAS", and on the "System and Mechanism Reform of CAS", while the Japanese side made the reports on "Science and Technology Policy of Japan and on the "3rd Japanese Science and Technology Basic Plan". During the seminar representatives from China and Japan discussed on the topics around the following subjects, such as the establishment of the medium and long term state science and technology development plan, arrangement of key research sectors, reform of the science and technology system, assessment of the research institutions and scientific and technological achievements, organization and management of substantial programs, as well as the introduction and cultivation of talents, etc.

Jinghai Li Met President of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

On July 5, vice president Jinghai Li received the visiting president of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research was incorporated in 1967, which is the most important national research institution with about 1,000 research personnel currently. Its research is focused on: Food Resources, Water Resources, Environment and Urbanization, Petroleum Resources, Techno-Economics.
President expressed that the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research is very interested in the work such as seawater erosion research, etc., and hoped to cooperate with CAS in relevant fields from now on.

Signing ceremony of Sino-France UNESCO cooperative research program Held in Beijing

On June 22, Prof. Marcel Asther and Dr. Sylvie Lortal of the Marseilles Industrial and Agricultural Bio-Technology Institute of the French Agricultural Science Institute and Director Fu Gao of the Institute of Microbiology CAS signed the cooperative agreement of the "Industrial and Agricultural Industry and Environmental Biological Diversity Sustainable Development."

Those who attended the signing ceremony were also the Dr. Mary of the Culture, Science and Technology Cooperation Department of the French Embassy in China, Mr. Zheng Li, representative of the French Agricultural Science Institute, etc.. Both parties expressed that under the prerequisite of equality and mutual benefit, further maintain and develop the cooperative relationship in the aspect of graduate students fostering, and in the aspect of the microorganism in the agriculture, environment and sustainable development, and to mainly strengthen the cooperation in areas such as the conversion of biological mass-energy (such as: alcohol can be produced by the fermented stalks), etc.

Institute of Neuroscience and University of Toronto Jointly Sponsored Symposium

On June 10 and 11, The Institute of Neuroscience of Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBS), Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Toronto jointly sponsored a bilateral academic meeting entitled Shanghai - Toronto Symposium on Molecular Neuroscience.

During the two-day meeting, 17 scientists, including Professor Poo Muming and Professor John MacDonald, from China and Canada, made science reports. The good academic atmosphere in the Chinese Academy of Sciences deeply impressed the Canadian scientists who attended the meeting.

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