October, 2004

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Research Endeavors

The Second "Forum on Modernization Research in China" Opens in Beijing

On August 5, the second "Forum on Modernization Research in China" sponsored by the Center for Modernization Research of China of CAS, opened in Beijing. The theme of this forum is "Theory and Practice of Regional Modernization".
In recent years, scholars of China proposed that modernization progress of mankind features unsynchroneity and inequality, and this is not only an inter-country, but also an intra-country problem. Scholars summarize the disparity of modernization in different regions inside a country as regional modernization problems. Studying and revealing the essence and law of these regional modernization problems will provide significant theoretical basis for the country to study and formulate modernization strategy.

Chuanjie Guo, chairman of the Board of China Center for Modernization Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was present and delivered an important address at the opening ceremony of the forum on August 5. He pointed out that regional modernization is an important part of the modernization of a country, a necessary historical process in the road towards modernization, and an objectively existing historical phenomenon with its own objective law. Our country has a vast territory with great disparity between eastern regions and western regions, while many regions are still struggling against poverty. Therefore, regional modernization is a topic with theoretical and practical significance. How to look on regional modernization with a viewpoint of scientific

development is the theme of this forum. Natural science has close relationship with social science and humanity science, and they are intermingled with each other. The alliance between workers of social science and natural science is bound to bring great achievements. Several dozens of specialists and scholars from all over the country gave 26 lectures of different topics and expressed their viewpoint freely on 18 special topics for discussion.

The 28th International Congress of Psychology (ICP) Held in Beijing

On August 8, the 28th International Congress of Psychology was opened in Beijing. CAS President Yongxian Lu declared the inauguration of the conference and delivered the opening address. Yongxiang Lu expressed this congress would provide a good opportunity as to how psychology can better serve the social development. He believes the development of psychology and the relevant fields has great significance for China's construction of a moderately prosperous society in an all around way.
Michek Denis, chairman of International Union of Psychology Science (IUPsyS), and D. Kahneman, the 2002 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics and professor of the US Princeton University, were present at the congress. The chairman of this congress is Qicheng Jing, a renowned psychologist in China.

Nearly 6,000 domestic and foreign psychologists registered for this congress, making it the largest international academic conference ever held in China. 74 world famous psychologists and over 20 academicians from around the world were invited to give lectures at the congress, among whom 7 psychologists were from China; over 230 world famous psychologists were invited to preside over 227 special topic lectures conferences. Psychological workers from 85 countries and regions delivered 3,140 oral reports and exchanged viewpoints through posers for 2,500 person-times on 126 topics in 25 branch disciplines of contemporary psychology. The congress received 6,454 papers in all, of which 2,525 papers are from domestic source and 3,939 from abroad. After three rounds of strict selection, 5,598 papers were eventually accepted. This congress is much larger than any international psychological conference ever held before. The number of participants of the delegations from countries such as Japan, America and Sweden etc. exceeds 100 each, while the Japanese delegation consists of 550 members and the US approximately 400 members.

The 19th International Congress of Zoology Solemnly Opened

On August 23, the 19th International Congress of Zoology was solemnly opened in Beijing International Convention Center. Nearly 700 zoologists from over 40 countries attended this congress. State Councilor Zhili Chen pointed out in her opening address that the Chinese Government attaches great importance to protection and conservation of animal and plant resources as well as environmental protection. Cooperation and exchange among countries and scientific workers of all countries should be strengthened to make joint efforts to protect the earth and environment on which man relies for existence.

The 19th International Congress of Zoology lasted for 5 days. Altogether 15 famous zoologists from home and abroad were invited to give lectures at the congress, 60 seminars were held, nearly 400 scholars made oral presentations, and 300 scholars exchanged their viewpoints in the form of posters. Contents of the topics discussed include animal involution, behavior and physiology, immunology, procreation and development biology, biodiversity conservation, health science and disease, ecologically environment evaluation, teaching on zoology, the fate of zoos and veterinary science etc.

Nobel Prize Laureate
Gerardus 't Hooft Visits Institute of Theoretical Physics

In the morning of August 6, at the invitation of the Institute of Theoretical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gerardus 't Hooft, a world famous theoretical physicist, 1999 Noble Prize laureate in physics and academician of Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, gave a lecture entitled "Waiting for the Higgs Particle Scalar Fields in Physics " in the "Forum of Science Frontiers" in the institute. More than 200 loyal audience, including teachers and students from 22 universities and institutes, such as Beijing University and Tsinghua University etc. were present. The audience showed great interest in Prof. Gerardus 't Hooft's lecture. Many questions were raised afterwards.

Nobel Prize Laureate Daniel Kahneman Visits Institute of Psychology

At the invitation of the Institute of Psychology of CAS, Professor Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize laureate, and Mrs. Kahneman paid a visit to this institute on August 6. Leaders of the institute and its divisions in the Institute, academicians of the Third World Academy of Sciences and researchers in economic psychology had a good discussion with Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kahneman. They briefed the visitors the history of the institute, and its position in domestic and international circles, its main research direction and contents and future tentative plan. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kahneman visited the network center, library, ERP research center and the labs of psychological nerve immunology, high-level function of brain, virtual reality and language processing etc. Prof. Kahneman had an interview with reporters of CCTV afterwards.

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