October, 2004

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Delegation of the US National Geographic Society Visits CAS

Bojie Fu, director general of the Bureau of Science and Technology for Resource and Environment of the CAS, Min Zhu, director of Institute of Paleovertebra and Paleontology, Jian Liu, deputy director general of Bureau of Science and Technology for Resources and Environment, Xiubin Li, deputy director general of the Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources, and Shuanke Li, director of the National Geographic Publishing House of China, and etc. met with and held talks with the visiting delegation of US National Geographic Society.

Yongxiang Lu Meets Visiting Delegation of the Japanese House of Representatives

On August 24, President Yongxiang Lu met Japanese delegation of members of the House of Representatives headed by Takeshi Noda, president of the Japan-China Society of Japan and member of the Diet.

President Yongxiang Lu extended a welcoming address to the Japanese guests. He said "I am very glad to be given this opportunity to welcome all our Japanese friends to visit the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Mr. Takeshi Noda is my old friend who has long been devoted to the undertaking of promotion of Japan-China friendship. This specific visit by young Japanese members of the House to China again headed by him, which I think is a new effort to promote the friendship between China and Japan." Members of the delegation also include Mrs. Takeshi Noda and Shiranishi Shinyichiro, chairman of the Council of the Japan-China Society and etc.

A. Dulmaa, Academician of the Mongolian Academy of Science Visits Institute of Hydrobiology

On August 16, Mr. A. Dulmaa, academician of Mongolian Academy of Science and director of the Hydrobiology and Ichthyology Laboratory of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, visited the Institute of Hydrobiology. Wenxuan Cao, member of CAS and president of China Ichthyology Society had a good scholarly discussion with A. dulmaa and souvenirs were presented with each other.

President Yongxiang Lu Inspects South China Botanical Garden


CAS President Yongxiang Lu inspected South China Botanical Garden on August 17.

Yongxiang Lu expressed his expectation to build South China Arboretum into a first-class botanical garden in Asia and even in the world. He expects not only to build South China Botanical Garden into a beautiful garden, but also to build it into a key base for species protection, plant research, popular science education, and rational exploitation and utilizing of plant resources.


Yongxiang Lu Meets President of the University of Nottingham of the UK

In the evening of September13, 2004, Yongxiang Lu, vice-chairman of the National People's Congress of China and president of CAS, met Professor Colin Campbell, president of the University Nottingham of the UK, and held a banquet in his honor at the Great Hall of the People. The University of Nottingham has a long-term friendly exchange with China. Fujia Yang, member of CAS is currently president emeritus of the university. There are more than 1,100 Chinese students studying at the university, which also established a branch school at Ningbo in China in 2003.

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