June, 2004

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Research Endeavors

"Public Science Day" Held by CAS in Beijing

The Chinese Academy of Sciences held a "Public Science Day" activity in the Zhongguancun, Olympic Village and adjacent suburban areas in Beijing from 15 to 16 May. A total of 22 Beijing based CAS institutes opened to the public, among them there were a number of national key laboratories, the National Astronomical Observatory, the Nano-Science Center, the Computer Network Information Center, the Documentation and Information Center, the Paleontology Museum, and the Botanic Garden etc.

CAS Guangzhou Natural Gas Hydrate Research Center Founded

The CAS Guangzhou Natural Gas Hydrate Research Center was formally inaugurated on the afternoon of 11 May, with Mianheng Jiang, Vice-President of CAS presiding over the ceremony. Formed on the basis of CAS Guangzhou Geochemistry Institute and the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, and supported by the CAS Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, the CAS Guangzhou Natural Gas Hydrate Research Center is aimed at effectively integrating the trans-disciplinary and multi-institutional research forces of CAS to make research into the basic theory and key techniques for prospecting and exploration of natural gas hydrate.

Qinling Giant Panda Field Research Base Established by the Zoological Institute and the Foping Protection Zone

The "Qinling Giant Panda Field Research Base", a cooperation project between the CAS Institute of Zoology and the Foping National Nature Protection Zone, was officially launched on 26 April 2004.
The Foping National Nature Protection Zone is located on the southern slope of the principal crest of the middle section of the Qinling Mountains. The number of wild giant pandas in the Protection Zone accounts for approximately 35% of the giant panda population in the whole of the Qinling Area, and is mainly concentrated in the core and buffer zone of the protection zone. In the Sanguanmiao Area where the Field Research Base is located the density of the Panda population is at the highest, with one giant panda per 1.5-kilometer2 area on average.

Agreement on Cooperation and Exchanges Signed between the Physics Institute and Japan National Materials Institute

The Institute of Physics, CAS and Japan National Materials Institute signed an Agreement on Cooperation and Exchanges on 26 May. According to the Agreement, the two sides will launch long-term cooperation aimed at the advanced materials science and technology. The cooperation will cover among others such fields including the nano materials, nano-microfabrication, superconductive and magnetic materials, theoretical and calculative materials as well as other basic research fields related with the materials science. In addition the agreement specified that in the future cooperation the two sides will encourage and promote direct exchanges and cooperation between the researchers of the two sides, exchange of information, holding academic seminars and international conferences jointly, implementing cooperative project together and exchanging visiting scholars etc. At the same time the two sides will support the cooperation together in respect of funding, manpower and resources.

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