June, 2004

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Nano-Technology in CAS

The First Sino-US Nano-Technology Seminar Held

The first Sino-US Nano-Technology Seminar was held during 17-19 May. Chunli Bai, Member and Vice-President of CAS and Dr. Mihail Roco, Senior Nano-Technology Advisor from the US National Natural Science Foundation co-chaired the occasion. Sishen Xie, Member of CAS and Research professor of the Institute of Physics acted as the Secretary General of the Seminar. 19 American experts and over 60 Chinese experts attended the meeting. Prof. Chunli Bai and Dr. Mihail Roco delivered theme speeches and 10 experts each from the Chinese and American sides delivered keynote speeches at the meeting. Data showed that during the years from 2000 to 2002 the number of Chinese patents on nano-technology ranked No. 3 in the world, only next to the United States and Japan.

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