June, 2004

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í´Prof. James T. Muckerman from the US Brookehaven National Laboratory paid a visit to Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics on 1 April and gave a lecture titled "Excited State Potential Energy Surfaces and Chemical Dynamics of Photodissociation Process".
í´Dr. Qinxue Wang, Chief Researcher of Department for River Basin Environmental Control, Japan National Environmental Institute, delivered a lecture at CAS Institute of Sub-Tropical Agriculture titled Monitoring and Studying Water Hot Carbon Flux under Different Ecosystems in Asia by Using MODIS Remote Sensing Satellite Data.
í´Recently a 13-member delegation headed by Dr. Sharr Azni Harmin, an Official from the Malaysian Science & Innovation Ministry, and consisted of professors from renowned Malaysian universities paid a visit to the Insitute of Materia Medica.
í´A delegation headed by Djeleshenko Yuri Anadoyevich, Deputy General Director of the Department for International Cooperation of the Ukrainian Ministry for Education and Science paid a visit to the Changchun Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on 28 May.
í´Prof. Deheng Chen, Member of the Canadian Royal Society and Honorary Researcher of the Institute of Chemistry paid an academic visit to the Institute from11-13 May, and gave a lecture titled The Story of Green Tea: Chemical and Biological Studies of Green Tea Polyphenols at a symposium held by the Molecular Science Forum of the Institute.
í´Professor Michel Ayrault from Sainte-Etienne University of France and Professor Shao Liang from the French National Science Research Center paid a visit to the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography on 10 April.
í´Professor David Alan Hopwood, Member of the British Royal Society, Knight, renowned international geneticist and Chairman of the British Microbe Society lately paid a visit to the Kunming Institute of Botany, where he gave a lecture under the title Genetic Engineering of Streptomyces for the Development of Novel Antibiotics.
í´A 6-member delegation from the Medicinal Materials Institute of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Health headed by Nguyen YourongúČPresident of the Institute, paid a visit to the Kunming Institute of Botany, where they received a warm welcome from Vice-Director Yongping Yang.
í´Recently, Professor Mark Hallet from the US National Institute for Health (NIH) and Professor Biao Chen, Director of the Geriatrics Institute of Beijing Geriatrics Medical Treatment Research Center and Vice-Director of the National Northern Human Genome Research Center paid a visit to the National Key Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, Institute of Automation, CAS where they showed special interest in the Medical Image and Computing Research Team.
í´Dr. Carl Smith from the University of Leicester of the United Kingdom and Dr. M. Reichard from the Vertebrate Institute of the Czec Academy of Sciences paid a visit to the Institute of Hydrobiology on 15 April.
í´Mr. David L. Dilcher, member of US Academy of Sciences paid a visit to the Institute of Botany during 20-23 April. He has been devoted to the study of origin and evolution of angiosperm. An internationally famous palaeophytologist, he is currently a professor from Florida University and Director of the Paleobotany Department at the Florida Museum of Natural History. Professor Dilcher used to be the Chairman of the US Botanic Society and a Vice-Chairman of the International Palaeobotanical Society.
í´Dr. Kenichiro Suzuki and Dr. Katsumi Isono, Director and Vice-Director respectively of the Japan National Biological Resources Center (NBRC), one of the most prestigious BRCs in Asia gave a lecture at the Institute of Microbiology, on 26 April.
í´A group of Swedish Scientists headed by Prof. S. S. Zilitinkevich, member of Swedish Academy of Sciences and a renowned scholar in atmospheric boundary layer and atmospheric environment visited the CAS Institute of Atmospheric Physics from 25 March to 9 April. The two sides briefed each other on their respective achievements in research on atmospheric boundary layer and atmospheric environment, and looked into fields for possible bilateral cooperation.
í´Professor Harald Rosenthal, Professor of the Meereskunde Institute of Kiel University of Germany, current Chairman of the World Sturgeon Conservation Society and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Ichthyology Application gave two lectures at the Institute of Hydrobiology on 28 April under the titles of World Sturgeon Conservation Society (WSCS): Aims, Objective and Involvement of the Society in Global Sturgeon Research and Conservation Planning and Environmental Impact of Aquaculture and the Need for Environmental Management.
í´A group of four including Dr. Chusie Trisonthi from the Biological Department, Science College, Chiang Mai University of Thailand paid a visit to Banna Botanic Garden during 25-28 April.
í´Prof. Paul. Paquet, Former Director of the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) and his wife paid a visit during 5-8 May to the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, where he made a speech titled "ROB's GPS Research and its Application".
í´Dr. Robbie McDonald and Dr. Richard Shore, zoologists from Belfast Queen's University, UK, paid a visit during 13-26 May to the Northwest Plateau Institute of Biology (NPIB) and were scheduled to conduct surveys in Yushu and Guolo areas of Qinghai Province. At the same time they visited NPIB Haibei Open Research Station of Alpine Meadow Ecosystem.
í´A six-member group for assessment and investigation of hazardous forest disease and pest risks from the US Dept. of Agriculture consisting of Joseph Gordon O'Brien, Mary Ellen Dix Barnhart, Glenn Andrew Fowler, Constan Julia Mehmel, Jessie Ann Micales and Yun Wu paid a visit to the Institute of Zoology on 11 May. The two sides held in-depth discussions on the latest development in the research field of "Ecologic Effect of Major Non-Indigenous Intrusion Species and Key Controlling Techniques".
í´ A group of four including Dr. Joanne Daly, Head of the Insect Division and Dr. Jane Wright, Manager for Commercialization of New Chemicals from CSIRO visited the Institute of Zoology on 14 May.

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