April, 2004

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Prof. Jin Jang, Director of Advanced Display Research Center (ADRC) of Kyung Hee University of the Republic of Korea paid a visit to the CAS Shanghai Institute of Microsystem on 18 February and gave a lecture titled "Introduction to Advanced Display Research Center (ADRC) and FED Work in KHU".
#A 9-member delegation headed by Mr. Itirou Araki of the Japan-China Economic Association - the China Trade Investment Investigation Committee consisting of Japanese experts in various fields paid a visit to the Kunming Institute of Botany on 23 February. The delegation was mainly to exchange opinions on the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) and look into a series of issues closely related to developing the Mekong River Basin with the heads and experts of the relevant departments in Yunnan Province.
#Dr. Liu Keyu, an expert on oil and gas migration, Dr. Griffiths, mathematical geologist and Dr. Eadington, fluid inclusion expert from CSIBO Petroleum (a Division of CSIRO) paid a visit to the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology from 13-30 Feb. 2004. This visit signifies the beginning of cooperation in the highly challenging research of oil and gas exploration in deep water of South China Sea between CSIRO Petroleum and CAS South China Sea Institute of Oceanology.
#Two experts including Dr. Shallesh Makadia of Radhe Group for Renewable Energy Resources from India paid a visit to CAS Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion lately. The two sides made in-depth discussions in respect of technologies for biomass gasification power generation and integrated treatment of urban household wastes, as well as promoting biomass gasification technology in India, and analyzed the related technical and economic parameters.
#A group of six people including Christophe Merieux, Senior Vice-President of France Merieux Biological Company, Liao Qizhi, Chief Representative of Merieux Biological Company's Beijing Office and Phillippe Cleuziat of APIBIO visited Wuhan Institute of Virology on 6 February and held talks on matters related to the cooperation between the two sides.
#Prof. Laodong Guo from the International Arctic Research Center of Alaska University of USA recently paid a visit to CAS South China Sea Institute of Oceanology and Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry. He gave a lecture titled "Organic Carbon Kinetics of Arctic Ocean" on the morning of 28 January at the CAS Tropical Marine Environment Kinetics Key Laboratory.
#Mr. Ellison, Vice-Chairman of the International Nutrition Foundation, Prof. Ricardo Uauy of London College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and Prof. W. Allan Walker, Director of the Faculty of Nutrition Science of Harvard Medical College visited Institute of Nutrition in Shanghai Institutes of Life Sciences on 19 March.
#A 4-member delegation headed by Mr. Nek Whitley, Vice-President of Johnson Matthey Company from the United Kingdom paid an academic visit to Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics on 16 March 2004.
#A 3-member delegation from Eton Company, a major automotive parts manufacturer of the USA headed by Mr. Steven Turner, Project Manager and Representative, and the two Chiefs of the Planning and Mission Departments respectively paid a visit to Shenyang Institute of Automation on 17 March.
#A delegation from Elililly Company of the United States paid a visit to Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics on 8 March. The delegation consisted of personnel from the Chemical Product R&D Department of ELILILLY Company, including Mr. Keithm, President of the department, Dr. Devires, Dr. Richard A. Berglund, Dr. Tony Zhang and Mr. Robert A. Waggoner, the Business Assistant.
#Dr. Roger Thalmann, Chief of the Conference Organizing Committee of the World Forum on Life Sciences paid a visit to CAS Shanghai Institutes of Life Sciences.
#Dr. Elke Schulz, Professor of the Faculty of Agrology of the German Environmental Research Center (UFZ), Dr. Klaus Kaiser and Mr. Andreas Bierke of the Faculty of Agrobiology and Soil Ecology of Martin-Luther University paid a visit to CAS Institute of Sub-Tropic Agricultural Ecology from 25-27 February.
#Dr. Zhongsheng Sun from Cornell University of the United States paid a visit to Institute of Zoology lately, and delivered a lecture titled "Biological Clock-From Behavior to Molecular Cascades". Dr. Sun cloned the genes of the mammal's biological clocks (mPer1 and mPer2), which were deemed one of the top ten 1997-1998 international breakthroughs in sciences.
#Prof. Brufort, a renowned ecologist and conservation geneticist from Cardiff University, UK, paid a visit to the Institute of Zoology and gave a lecture on the "Molecular Ecology of Apes".
#Dr. David Browne, Director of the Research Center for Metal Processing Technology, National University of Ireland, Dublin, paid a visit to Institute of Metals Research of CAS.
#At the invitation of CAS member Zhenxing Liu, Dr. A. T. Y. Lui, a scholar of international fame in space physics from the Applied Physics Laboratory of John Hopkins University, USA, paid a visit lately to the Space Center of CAS.

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