April, 2004

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First CAS Member Day Successful

The first CAS Member Day was successfully held at the Academic Center for CAS Members on 16 March 2004, participated by nearly 30 members including Jinghai Li, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Wenjun Wu, Huanwu Peng, Changxu Shi, Duzheng Ye and Honglie Sun.

With the subject of the day's activities being the "Scientific Goals of Space Exploration", Ouyang Ziyuan, the Chief Scientist in China's Lunar Exploration Program, delivered a lecture on the "Advances in Lunar Exploration and China's Lunar Exploration Program", focusing on an introduction of the program and the steps to be taken in China's "three-step" Lunar Exploration Program, as well as the technical problems to be solved in each of the steps and the objectives to be achieved in lunar Exploration.

Heng Wu Star-the 14th Asteroid Named after a Chinese

With the approval by the Asteroid Nominating Committee of International Astronomy Union, the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has named an asteroid, which discovered with the international permanent number 56088, "Wuheng Star", in memory of Mr. Heng Wu, the late outstanding leader and organizer in China's science and technology. Up to now, the number of asteroids named after renowned Chinese scientists and writers reach 14.

Heng Wu (1914-1999) was among the first batch of members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and held leading posts in science and technology for a long time. He did a great deal of pioneering work in establishing China's research institute managerial system, graduate student system, science award system, science and technology information system and patent system.

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