August, 2003

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Visits & Exchanges

Officials from the Royal Society of UK Visited CAS

At the invitation of CAS, Ms. Garoine Chipperfield and Mr. Robere Moyini who are senior program officers from the Bureau of International Relations of the Royal Society --the UK National Academy of Sciences visited the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (CIAC) on July 21.

Guests from UK also visited the State Key Lab of Polymer Physics and Chemistry, the Shenyang Institute of Metallurgy and the Northeast Institute of Geography.

Experts from Sino-German Science Center Visited the Kunming Institute of Botany

Dr. Robert Paul Koenugs, the German director of Sino-German Science Center, and his colleagues, visited the Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB) from July 24 to 27, conducting negotiations with leaders of the Institute in terms of postgraduate training programs and Sino-German joint projects.

Scholar from Massachusetts University Visited the Shenyang Institute of Ecology

Dr. Baoshan XING, an associate professor of Massachusetts University, recently visited the Shenyang Institute of Ecology (SIE) for academic exchanges. He also visited some key labs and two stations of field experiments. During his visit, Prof. XING gave a lecture on his research of the soil absorbation model for the organic substance pollution .

Prof. Xingyuan MAO from Pittsburgh University Visited Institute of Metals Research

Dr. Xingyuan MAO, an overseas member of Shenyang Interfacial Materials Research Center affiliated to the Institute of Metals Research (IMR, Shenyang), and professor in the department of mechanical engineering of Pittsburgh University, finished his two-week visit in Shenyang Institute of Metals Research on July 18.
In the afternoon of July 23. Prof. MAO gave a brilliant academic lecture named Strain Gradient Sensitive Material and Length-Scale Controlled Indentation Size Effects. Prof. Mao is also invited to be the specially appointed researcher of this Institute, and received the certificate delivered by the Institute.

Experts from Japan's National Material Institute Visited the Institute of Metals Research

On July 28, Dr. Kazuhiro Hono who is responsible for metal nano structure in the National Material Institute of Japan was invited to conduct academic exchanges with the Institute of Metals Research in China. The materials for research of Dr. Kazuhiro Hono include aluminum-alloy, steel, metal compound, and magnetic film etc.

Famous Experts from IUCN and ARCBC Visited the Institute of Zoology

Recently, the Institute of Zoology of CAS invited the chief scientists of biodiversity, Jeffrey McNeely from the World Conservation Union (IUCN), and also John MacKinnon, director of ASEAN Regional Center for Biodiversity Conservation (ARCBC), to make speeches concerning scientific innovation for biodiversity in the Institute of Zoology.

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