June, 2003

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Workshop for EU Project Held in Urumqi

Workshop on Sustainable Management of the Shelter belt Vegetation of River Oases in the Takla Makan organized by Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography (XIEG), took place at Urumqi on the 2nd of April 2003.

During 1998 to 2002, under the support from EU, "Ecological Basis for a Sustainable Management of the indigenous Vegetation in a Central-Asian Desert", first Sino-EU Cooperative Project in Xinjiang was successfully accomplished by XIEG, Lanzhou University, Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences, and G?ttingen University of Germany and Vienna University of Austria. The studies show that desert vegetation in western arid regions of China is absolutely different from commonly recognized concept of "water shortage". Simplex irrigation can not change the water conditions for these plants, whereas the stability of the water table is vital for the normal growth of desert vegetation.-9

S&T Cooperation Agreement Signed

Headed by Dr. D.L.Singleton, the three delegates from the Institute of Chemical Process and Environmental Technology of the National Research Council in Canada have paid a formal visit to the Institute of Atmospheric Physics from March 17 to 21, 2003. The two Institutes have made an agreement to formulate the essential cooperation in the field of atmospheric environment.-11

Sand Storm will be Under Control of Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Recently, Japanese and Korean delegations have separately paid their visits to the Chinese Academy of Sciences to discuss the possibilities of establishing the "Sand Storm Monitoring Network" with their Chinese counterparts. Previously, CAS has maintained a long-term cooperation with Japanese in sand storm research and some achievements have been made. Over 20 institutions have participated in this large-scale cooperation.
CAS, with related departments, has organized a group of capable scientists for this cooperation and a large sum of fund is ensured.-12

CAS Scientist Awarded 2003 Edinburgh Medal

Prof. Song WANG, Inst. of Zoology of CAS was awarded Edinburgh Medal of 2003 for his contribution to the environment conservation and sustainable development. The Edinburgh Medal was originated since 1988 to award to one specific scientist not only for his scientific achievements but also for his wider contribution to society. Invited by the Lord Provost of the city of Edinburgh Council, Prof. Wang visited Edinburgh on April 12th and attended the awarding ceremony. -8

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