June, 2003

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Fundamental Research Agreement Signed between CAS and CEA

Prof. Yongxiang LU, President of Chinese Academy of Sciences met the delegation of Commissariat A L'Energie Atomique(CEA) headed by Prof. Alain Bugat, President of CEA on the afternoon of April, 29. The Presidents had a discussion on the current research development of Nuclear Reactors, and signed the "ACCORD DE COOPERATION DANS LE DOMAINE DE LA RECHERCHE FONDAMENTALE ET DE LA RECHERCHE TECHNOLOGIQUE" at the end of the meeting.

Prof. LU expressed his gratitude to the French delegation for their visit in the special time of SARS outbreaks. "The outbreak of SARS in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Beijing and other 20 Countries and regions is a new challenge to all the human being, to which the Chinese academic community, state leaders and public attach great importance." stated by Prof. LU. "I hope that our renewed agreement could facilitate a further development of substantial cooperation." Prof. LU added. Prof. Bugat expressed his support for China's participation in the ITER negotiations, and felt satisfied with the on-going cooperation between Inst. of Plasma, CAS and CADARACHE fusion research center. -5

Vice President of CAS Meets AIDS Researchers

Prof. Bailing YANG, Vice President of CAS met with Prof. David Ho and Dr. Linqi ZHANG, the American-Chinese AIDS researchers on May 12th. Prof. Yang and Prof. Ho exchanged views on the development of vaccine of SARS and scale manufacturing of polypeptide drugs. Prof. Ho hoped to apply the research methodology of AIDS vaccine to the SARS vaccine research. "The outbreak of SARS is a crisis to the human being but it is also an opportunity to virologists in the world. As an overseas Chinese, I would make my own contribution to the nation." Prof. Ho stated. -6

Prof. Zhu CHEN was Elected a Foreign Member to NAS of U.S

on 29 April, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) wrote to Prof. Zhu CHEN, Vice President of CAS, congratulating his election as the foreign member of NAS by 140th NAS council meeting for his outstanding scientific contribution.-7

10th Anniversary of Sino-Russian S&T Cooperation

On March 25, a series of academic activities were held for the 10th anniversary of science and technology cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). CAS President Prof. Yongxiang LU, concurrently Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress met with the delegation headed by RAS Vice President N. A. Plate at the same time. They exchanged views on cooperation between the two academies. After the meeting, they signed the 2003-2007 Scientific Cooperation Agreement between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences.-4

Newly Elected CODATA President Visited China

From Feb. 26 to Mar. 1, 2003, Prof. Shuichi IWATA , the newly elected president of CODATA visited CODATA China Committee. He widely exchanged views with Prof. Honglie SUN, the last-year elected vice president of CODATA, Prof, Yiyu CHEN, CAS vice president as well as president of CODATA China Committee, and Prof. Baoping YAN, Director of CNIC£®Computer Network Information Center£©, CAS as well as vice president of CODATA China Committee. On March 1, Prof. IWATA met with some members of the CODATA China Committee and held talks together on CODATA work. -22

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