Winter, 2002

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Nano Technology Research Center Jointly Established by CAS & US Veeco Instruments Inc.

On November 20th, Veeco-China Nano Technology Research Center was jointly established by CAS and US Veeco Instruments Inc. in Beijing.

The Center will be co-managed together with the Institute of Chemistry of CAS, and employ Chinese scientists and engineers. The Chinese researchers are open to Veeco nuclear energy equipments.

When interviewed by reporters from Xinhua News Agency, Cani TANG, chief manager of Veeco Instruments Inc. said, " I believe that Nano technology will play more important role in future and China will achieve a leading position in Nano research." Prof. Chunli BAI, Vice President of CAS and the Chief scientist of National Nano Technology Instruction and Corresponding Committee said, " The research of Nano technology is diversified, China has some advantages only in nano materials research, which can rank among the first in the world."

According to the statistics of CAS, over 300 companies and over 7000 scientists in China are now engaged in Nano technology research. The Ministry of Science and Technology is planning to establish a national-level nano base and research center, and Veeco-China Nano Technology Research Center is a part of this program. The program includes recruiting scientists, protecting intellectual property rights in the area of nano study, encouraging and carrying out international cooperation. -10

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