Autumn, 2002

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Email "Slimming" Technology First Patented in the US

The usual reason for an Internet "jam" is that the emails are too "fatty". Now, the Chinese have mastered a key technology for "slimming down" emails. As announced by the Institute of Software, CAS, applications developed by Chinese enterprises for email compression have been granted patent in the US for the first time.

With the popularization of the Internet, network jam has become a new trouble. A fine picture can usually reach several thousand KB. Hence, how to reduce the "weight" of emails is the target of competition. Jiuzhou Computer Network Co., Ltd, which is affiliated to the Institute of Software, CAS, has recently developed "Yabao (software for compression) ". According to the person in charge of the technical affairs, most of the information compression software products available in the domestic market are imported, which can compress pictures by several times to the maximum; whereas "Yabao" can cut down pictures by 20 times or more. The Jiuzhou Company declared that from now on, anyone interested can download the software from for free trial use.

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