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Academy's Eleventh General Assembly Held Solemnly

On May 28, 2002, the 11th General Assembly of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the 6th General Assembly of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) was ceremoniously inaugurated at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing, being the first grand meeting of the Chinese scientific & technological community at the top level. Attendants included: Party and state leaders such as Zemin JIANG, Peng LI, Rongji ZHU, Jintao HU and so on; members of the Presidiums of the CAS and CAE; leaders and advisors of the two academies; and VIP from some departments of the Central Government. The event was chaired by Yongxiang LU, President of the CAS and Chairman of the Presidium Executive Committee of CAS. CAE President Jian SONG delivered an opening address on behalf of the Presidiums of the two academies. The Secretary-General of the CCPCC and Chinese President Zemin JIANG gave an important speech at the meeting.
On June 1, the 11th General Assembly of the CAS was concluded at the Science & Technology Hall of China with a closing speech by Yongxiang LU, Chairman of the Presidium Executive Committee of CAS. In his speech, Yongxiang LU made a summary of the general assembly and assigned the tasks of the CAS Academic Divisions in the future, and stressed the heavy responsibilities shouldered by the CAS members and the academic divisions, and the importance to start a new phase of work. Before that, CAS Vice President Zhihong XU had announced the roll of the 11th Standing Committees of the Academic Divisions elected by the general assembly, including the directors and deputy directors, as well as the roll of the foreign members of the CAS elected at the assembly.

Yongxiang LU Meets Guests from JCA

On 18 April, CAS President Yongxiang LU met a delegation headed by Mr. Shironishi Shinichiro, director of the Board of Japan-China Association (JCA) and Mr. Hagiwara Yoshihiro, president of COCOMO. Mr. Yoshihiro introduced the company's next generation of wireless telecommunication technology, and expressed his wish to collaborate with the Institute of Software, CAS in developing and industrializing the technology and in disseminating the technology in China and Southeast Asia. Yongxiang LU, who attaches great importance to non-governmental exchange and cooperation between China and Japan, welcomed the Japanese industrial sector to conduct joint R & D and to run joint ventures with the CAS. "The technology has a bright future of industrialization", he said, "but it needs further improving." Yongxiang LU reminded the delegation that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the normalization of the Sino-Japanese diplomatic ties. "A Sino-Japan Conference on Scientific, Technological and Economic Communication will be held by the Chinese Academy of Sciences on 4 July. We are expecting JCA members and representatives from the Japanese industrial sector to attend the meeting."

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