Summer, 2002

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CAS Shanghai Center for Interdisciplinary Research Launched

What can happen when a physicist "bumps" into a biologist? The double-helix structure of DNA was discovered as Dr. Francis Crick (physicist) met with Prof. James Watson (biologist) in 1953 to open up a new era for molecular biology.

The newly launched Shanghai Center for Interdisciplinary Research (SCIR) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences is to create a favorable environment for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas from scientists of different backgrounds, so as to be an incubator of producing original innovative thinking. A result of repeated discussion, negotiation and demonstration between the CAS and the Max-Planck Society (MPG) is that the Center is co-sponsored by both sides. The CAS provides a new mechanism for running the center, with Prof. Uli Schwarz (well-known German scientist) serving as the Director and Prof. Rao Yi (American scientist of Chinese origin) as the Deputy-Director.

As the first initiative of SCIR, a Round Table with the theme of "Reflection on Thinking " was held on 27 March. High-caliber Chinese scientists, such as Guangzhao ZHOU, Yongxiang LU, Zhu CHEN and so on, joined the first "brainstorming" with scientists from Europe and USA.

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