When talking about women scientists, who first comes to your mind? Marie Curie, Tu Youyou, Emmy Noether, Drew Gilpin Faust, Carolyn Ruth Bertozzi… You may have a long list of candidates.

It is true that the 20th century saw an unprecedented rise in the number of women in STEM. Breaking barriers like gender bias in their career path, women today have much larger space in both workplaces and communities than their counterparts who lived in the age when there were scarce opportunities in education and employment for women.

But even today, women should be encouraged to speak up and they deserve to have their voices heard, not only to defend their own rights and interests, but also to empower other women and girls around the globe.

On March 8 this year, International Women’s Day, we interviewed five female scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences who are experts in the fields of ancient fish, the Tibetan Plateau, biochemical engineering, chemistry, and climate change.

Despite the challenges they have faced they still stand by their decision to devote themselves to science. They have encountered difficulties, but never gave up in their search to solve scientific problems. Curiosity and passion for science keeps them moving forward to explore the unknown and pursue their dreams. They have proved that science needs women. Women can do anything, and can make a difference.

Why, as children, did they dream of growing up to become scientists? How do women overcome difficulties and realize their dreams? What advice do they have for girls who wish to carve out a scientific career of their own?

Don’t hesitate to click on the video or scan the QR code to listen to their stories. We hope every woman can find in these stories a bright beam of light shining on the life and career she wants in her own world.

Source: ScienceApe

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