The Chinese Academy of Sciences held its third Science Festival from October 31 to November 6. Featuring more than 400 events nationwide, the two-day festival attracted more than 8,000 visitors plus over 10 million online viewers.

People attend an outdoor activity at CAS’s third Science Festival.

An outdoor activity is held during this year’s CAS Science Festival.

Curiosity will motivate people to explore new areas of knowledge, and science will lead us to a better life.

The charm of science

A microphotograph of snowflakes taken by Jiang Chunyan, displayed during one of the science festival’s exhibitions.

A “romantic” DNA sequence captured by Yu Yang and Liu Fengming. The T4-DNA solution was dyed with YOYO-1, and the images of the dyed samples were collected by a stimulated radiation loss ultra-high resolution radiation microscope (STED).

The withered pollen on the anther of Arabidopsis thaliana is hydrated after falling to the stigma, showing its great vitality. This image, created by Tian Yanbao, shows the sprouting pollen tubes.

A butterfly-like image by Cheng Chenxi shows the expression constructed by an A549 cell line.

Source: Bureau of International Cooperation,

Chinese Academy of Sciences

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