UDG faculty members and students showing their solidarity with China and Wuhan, one of the hardest-hit cities in the country. [IMAGE: ALLIANCE OF INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE ORGANIZATIONS]

The Secretariat of the Alliance of International Science Organization (ANSO) has been receiving encouragement and best wishes from its members and global partners of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), since the outbreak of the COVID-19, according to the academy.

They have demonstrated their sympathy with Chinese people affected by the epidemic and expressed their resolve and willingness to cooperate internationally to defeat the virus.

The alliance has heard from the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, the Pakistan National Council for Tibb, the National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand, the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, the University of Donja Gorica (UDG), Montenegro, the University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka, Nepal’s Tribhuvan University, the International Center for lntegrated Mountain Development, and the African Academy of Sciences.

These academies, universities and organizations spoke highly of the effective measures taken by the Chinese government in the fight against COVID-19, expressed their consolations to the Chinese people, and showed faith in China’s victory against the virus.

Founded by CAS in Beijing in November 2018, the alliance has 52 members. The research institutes of ANSO members are looking forward to cooperating with Chinese medical staff and researchers to develop effective “weapons” against COVID-19 with the help of traditional medicine and practice.

Source: CRI Online


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