Xi talks with designers and staff members of the manned submersible Shenhai Yongshi (Deep Sea Warrior) at the Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering, CAS. [Image from Xinhua] 

During his inspection tour in Hainan, President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited the Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Sanya on the afternoon of April 12.

The institute was jointly established by Hainan, Sanya and CAS. Xi Jinping listened carefully to an introduction to China's deep-sea scientific research and exploration. He watched a video about China's manned submersible Jiaolong's exploration last year at the Mariana Trench, the world's deepest. He also inspected an unmanned submersible, deep-sea glider, abyssal lander and other deep-sea expedition equipment. He met with designers and staff members of the manned submersible Shenhai Yongshi (Deep Sea Warrior) and asked about deep sea diving experience and equipment R&D and testing. Xi said that China has vast sea areas and therefore must speed up its construction as a maritime power.

Xi called on scientists to make the best of the South China Sea to conduct deep-sea scientific research and carry out more scientific experiments, noting that innovative cooperation should be strengthened to accelerate the pace of forging a deep-sea research and development base and promoting marine science in a comprehensive way.

Xi encouraged researchers to dedicate themselves to China’s scientific research and technological development, work hard to stand at the forefront of scientific and technological progress, promote scientific research and practical application, and contribute more to the modernization of China.

Source: Xinhua

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