The CAS-CSIRO annual meeting was recently held in Sydney. Larry Marshall, head of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), attended the signing ceremony of the meeting’s minutes.

Kris Browne from the Australian Federal Department of Industry and  Science delivered a speech, stressing that China-Australia dialogue on innovation would establish a high-end platform for collaboration between the two countries in science and technology innovation.

Zhang Jie, vice president of CAS, and Craig Roy, deputy CEO of CSIRO attended the signing ceremony of the CAS-CSIRO annual meeting’s minutes. (Image from CAS)

Significant outcomes of the meeting were as follows:

The Committee recognized the success of existing projects, workshops and exchanges.

The committee agreed on the principle of the larger impactful projects, and the involvement of industry and funding agencies as a priority. There will be a transitional period forward, during which both parties will:

i) Keep the current structure, and explore additional larger interdisciplinary projects;

ii) Form a working group to explore project selection and joint funding mechanisms for the new arrangement.

The committee agreed, in principle, to increase the scale of funding on the condition that it would be matched by third-party investment. Both parties agreed to:

i) Involve relevant industry partners at the project design phase;

ii) Address critical challenges faced by industries in both countries;

iii) Raise the visibility of the CAS-CSIRO collaboration achievements to stakeholders in both countries;

iv) Leverage the existing partnership to access additional funding, and/or commercialization opportunities.

The Committee agreed to share best practices on science impact assessment. The co-chairs confirmed the success of this year's JSCM. Both parties look forward to the partnership’s future directions and greater impact.

Source: CAS


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