Bai Chunli, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, heard a report on smog prevention delivered by David Y.H. Pui, member of the US National Academy of Engineering and professor of the University of Minnesota, on March 9.

Pui introduced the latest developments in his cooperation with CAS on curbing atmospheric PM2.5. In particular, he spoke of the progress made in the first-generation large-scale smog-free tower project co-built with the CAS Institute of Earth Environment, as well as plans to build the next generation of demonstration projects of this type in Yancheng, Beijing and Shijiazhuang.

Smog free towers can combine with other measures to cut carbon dioxide emissions and contribute to global efforts to address climate change, he noted.

Bai hailed the progress Pui has made in his research and expressed the hope that his cooperation with CAS as well as the demonstration program will achieve greater progress and make a substantive contribution to China’s fight against air pollution and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.


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