On November 1, 1949, a month after the founding of the People¡¯s Republic of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was founded.

As China¡¯s top academy of natural sciences and leading technological consultancy, as well as a comprehensive development center for natural sciences and high technologies, CAS always bears in mind its missions and keeps abreast with advancements in science and technology. CAS has cultivated generations of talented people and has made remarkable achievements in the past 65 years. It has played an indispensable role in China¡¯s scientific and technological progress, economic and social development, and national security.

Upon its founding, with the support of the central government, CAS quickly absorbed a batch of top Chinese and foreign scientists and established various high-level research institutes.

During China¡¯s reform and opening-up, which started in December 1978, CAS was among the first to start cooperation with Western countries in the science and technology field. It was also one of the first institutions in China to launch a director responsibility mechanism as part of its management reforms. It took the lead in opening up its laboratories and setting up China¡¯s first national science fund. As one of the reform leaders, CAS founded a series of high-tech enterprises, including Lenovo Group, to turn scientific research achievements into productive forces.

  CAS President Bai Chunli signs cooperation agreements.
  The meeting elected 46 new fellows and
announced 19 prize winners in 11 categories.
  Award for International Scientific Cooperation
And International
Partnership Award for
Young Scientists are open for application.
  Researchers at the NAOC, CAS began studies and experiments on techniques.
  The Australian government has expressed
gratitude to CAS.
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