The program depicts a roadmap for overall reform and development of the CAS for the next 15 years, with 25 major actions in five aspects:
Optimizing the priorities of research

Prof. Bai Chunli
to lead China in achieving leapfrog development in science and technology
to lead China in building a national pool of highly innovative talent
to lead China in building a highlevel scientific think-tank
to lead China in forging a global first-class scientific academy
  Foreign researchers will account for three percent of all CAS researchers, up from 1 percent curently, until 2020.
  Bai Chunli paid a visit to the UK, Colombia and Peru July 9 to 17 at the invitation of the UK Royal Society, the Colombia Botanical Gardens and Peru¡¯s National University of San Marcos.
  Two CAS research groups have simultaneously come up with three homoeoalleles of the MLO gene found in hexaploid wheat as an example of the possible use of genome technology for wheat used for flour.
  The CAS sent a host of teams to Ludian County, Southwest China¡¯s Yunnan Province which was hit by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake on August 3.
  The cosmology research group at the Institute of High Energy Physics has tackled various problems in early universe research.
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