Headline News
  Fourth Sino-American Symposium on Frontier Sciences Held in Beijing
  New Mechanism for Running the Institute of Neurosciences Established
Basic Research


High Quality MgB2 Superconductor Synthesized
First Case of Whole Sequencing of HaSNPV Reported in the World
First Strikethrough Ice Core Drilled on Mount Qomolangma Region
Dr. Luming DUAN in the Forefront of Quantum Research
Paleontological Research in China with Remarkable Achievements
Research & Application
  Spirulina Containing DHA Screened Out First Time in the World
Research on Functional Carrot for Preventing Shift 
of Intestinal Toxin Witnessed Important Progress
Information Technology
  Ultrahigh Density Information Storage Technology Developed in China
Research & Development


“Research on Eco-environment Rehabilitation & Economic 
Sustainability of the Yangtze River Valley”  Passed Terminal Review
Chinese Scientists Tackled the Merzlota Problem in QTR Construction
Quality Hybrid Rice “ZY-223”    Developed  by SCIB Passed Appraisal
International Cooperation
CAS Cooperates with Mitsubishi Electric  to Develop ASP
  Sino-German Cooperation on Nanotechnology
  New Pattern of Carbon Bonding Arrangement Discovered
  Digital Locust-Forecast System on Trial in Xinjiang