A System Designed by CAS to Evaluate Modernization
Academy Deepens Reform on Personnel System
Basic Research


A New Milestone of Astronomy in China
 the Establishment of China National Observatory
Research on Novel High Quality Superconductor Reaching International Leading Level
Major Headway in C60 Unimolecular Research
Important Results Achieved in Gene Cloning of Human Hereditary Diseases
Rewarding Achievements in Research on Optical Information Processing, and Semiconductor Photoelectrical Devices for Display
Research & Application
  National Crop Yield Prediction Project Passed Appraisal
High-performance Nanometer Plastics Developed
Gene Modified Fishes Highlighted at the Achievement Exhibition of  “863” Program
Living Body Fingerprint Collector Developed by Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics
Academy-Locality Cooperation
  Cooperation Agreement Signed among SIAE, Ih Ju Meng Orient Group and Ih Ju Meng Administrative Office
International Cooperation 
  Agreement Signed between CIMHE and  the University of Manitoba