Annual Working Conference
Focuses on Reform and Knowledge Innovation Program  
Chinese President Jiang Zemin Visits Legend Group
Premier Announces New Phase of Knowledge Innovation Program
CAS Contributes Heavily to Nation’s Major S & T Advances   in 2000
Environmental Protection
  Demonstration to Improve Ecology in Inner Mongolia
Joint Efforts to Better Manage Loess Plateau
Major Progress in Eco-Barrier Construction in Upper Reaches of Yangtze
Energy-Saving Combustion Furnace for Pyrogenation of Medical Wastes
Information Technology
  CAS Successfully Develops Chinese-Platform Software with Self-Owned Copyright
First Secure Operating System Conforming to National Standards
Hanwang Setting Foot in Fingerprint Identification by Biologic Features
World’s First On-line Finite Element Software Successfully Developed
State-of-the-art Petro-chemical Industry Application Software
Academy-Locality Cooperation
  CAS and Shenzhen Join Hands to Promote Technology Transfer
CAS and Xi’an to Jointly Develop Pancreatic Enzyme
Cooperation to Develop Natural Medicaments from Plants
International Cooperation 
  Foreign Scientists to Participate in China’s Major Science Program for the First Time
Sino-German Partnership Team on Catalytic Nano Technology Established in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
IVPP in the Limelight as Palaeontology Research Center
CAS and Bell Set up Joint Laboratory on Telecommunications Technology